Keep Your Dog Safe when You Have Puppy Play Time in the Summer

Keep Your Dog Safe when You Have Puppy Play Time in the Summer

Dogs have summer vacations too and like humans they can also get overheated. When you set aside time to play with your dog during the hot summer months make sure you take steps to take care of your pooch as well as you. Here are some practical tips for having doggy activities this summer.

Keep Your Cool

Dogs pant to shed excess heat instead of sweating. Veterinarians have also determined that dogs pant to release stress as blood circulates from their mouths to their brain to keep them cool. Exercising and play time with your dog not only gets them physical exercise but also is a tension reliever for your pooch. Much in the same way play time is relaxing for humans the same can be said of your canine companion.

Two things are important for keeping your dog cool in general but especially as they’ve had lots of physical activity when it’s hot outside. Shade and cool water are the two best ways to cool off after vigorous exercise. Provide a doghouse if you have an outdoor dog or bring your pet inside if they live in the house with you. Your dog will already be thirsty so simply putting cool water in their dish will let them gravitate to the water on instinct.

It will keep his mood in check as dogs are known to create tantrums if they aren’t given food and drink on time because cool climate equates to a cool mind and what better place than his own doghouse to calm his nerves as that becomes his new house address

Cooler temperatures are important so the time of day in which you play with your dog may be a good idea. Instead of the afternoon, consider taking your dog for an early morning jog around six or seven in the morning when the temperature is still relatively cool. Where you live may also be important for summer activities. Northern latitudes are generally cooler and less humid so conditions may be more favorable for afternoon play in the outdoors than in places like Florida or Texas. Indoor dogs won’t nearly have these difficulties.


Never leave a pet unattended in a car if you take your pet out for the day. Even when it’s not summertime a car can heat up quickly if the sun is out. Watching for heat exhaustion and heat stroke is also important if you feel like your dog is getting overheated.

Excessive panting and a dry mouth can both be important signs that your dog needs to cool off quickly. If simply drinking cool water isn’t enough consider drenching your dog with water as a means to regulate their body temperature more quickly. Whether it’s in the bathtub, kitchen sink, or under a hose outside sometimes a cool bath is a fast remedy to being excessively hot.

This article is for informational purposes only. Consult with your veterinarian about what steps you can take to keep your dog cool in the summer time when you have an active lifestyle with your dog.

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