Clash Royale: Win Every Attack with these Strategies

Clash Royale: Win Every Attack with these Strategies

Take Advantage, Don’t Be Afraid

One of the things that you need to understand in playing Clash Royale is that taking the King Tower down of your opponent will give you the highest chances of winning. Hence, don’t be afraid to take advantage. When your troops were able to move on to the king tower of your enemy, you should keep in mind that the counter action of your opponent would be working on one of your outer towers. But it should not bother you at all. Just let them! This would mean in your side that they will be away from their king tower. O take advantage of this. You can lose your tower but your eyes are already on the prize.

Don’t Be Afraid To Wait

Another thing that you should not be afraid of is to wait. It is given that the battle will be an intense moment. It would become even more intense if you see your opponent having some units out there smashing your towers. When this happen, you might feel pressured also you would rush your troops out to fill the void. But that is not a good decision to make. You don’t have to rush. You just have to wait. Using your complimentary units, you can do a concerted attack so it would be more effective. So you have to wait it if you can. 

Know Your Cards

Knowing your cards is also very crucial for you to win in the game. You have to set your decks for you to have wide range of complimentary cards. You can also utilized your ranged units to back up your melee unites. Learning your cards will give you an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of every unit. Hence, you can create an effective and strategic positioning. To learn more about decks, you can visit this site:

Understand Elixir

As a player, it is important to know that Clash Royal is a kind of RTS. Basically, RTS are resource-based games. So, when playing Clash Royal, the main focus and question is elixir. The game requires you to make a lot of decisions based on that essential concept. So, as a rule of thumb, using four elixir fireball spell for you to do 6 elixir worth of damage to the enemy troops, then do it. As long as it will give you more advantage, then you should not hesitate doing it. After all, it is all about winning.

Be Mindful of the Time

Last tip on our list is to keep your eye on the clock. Technically, at half minute, the elixir starts to fill twice as quickly so you might be under pressure. At the end of the 3 minutes, whoever has more crowns will be declared as the winner. So if you are working in kind Tower when you see that the time is almost up, you should make a sneak attack on one of the outer towers so you can win at the end.

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