A Survival Guide For The First Days Of Minecraft

Minecraft is the most popular video game of all time. All of us have played it at one point or another. The virtual world-building game, or sandbox video game, is a game of survival and adaptation. 

At its most basic, the Minecraft world is a world made up of blocks. You have the freedom to create the world as you wish since it’s 3-D. There’s no set path, rules, or directions to follow. Create your world as you go, but beware of the mobs that come out at night!

Bonus tip: having a Minecraft Microsoft account helps you play with other software users like iOS, Android on your PS4. 

2 modes are most popular among freshly minted players: Survival and Creative. 

Survival Mode

In Survival mode, you essentially need to learn to survive in the wild. Once you spawn, you have to use all the resources at your disposal to build shelter, craft items to build the world, and, most importantly- find food. Computer-generated “Mobs” will show up at night, try to steal your food, or even kill you. It’s up to fortify yourself and your defences. 

There are four levels of increasing difficulty in Survival Mode:

  • Peaceful level 

This is the easiest level. There are no mobs, and your food bar will not go down. However, you can still die from falling or lava. You can’t eat any food. 

  • Easy level

Mobs are present, but they can only do minimal damage. You can survive even if your food bar runs out. 

  • Normal level 

Mobs can cause greater damage, and your heart count will go down if you run out of food. 

  • Hard level 

Mobs can cause much more damage, and your shelter structure can be broken down by them. If your food meter runs out, your health will deplete till you die. 

Creative Mode

In Creative mode, you have all the blocks at your disposal. You can build whatever your heart desires. From fantasy castles, sky-high monuments, and recreating real-life statues, Minecraft players have gone all out on their creativity in this mode.

Hardcore Mode 

There is a third level, Hardcore, which is very similar to real life. It’s the harder and most difficult version of Survival, with just one life. Most experienced players go for this level. It isn’t recommended for first-timers since the difficulty level might put you off from playing the game anymore. 

If this is your first time playing Minecraft, and you want to explore and have fun but also survive, then this article is for you. Here we’re giving a few pointers on how to survive your first day. 

Time to Spawn!

One tiny detail. You never know where you might spawn. 

It could be a desert with nothing for miles, an island with water all around, or a forest with trees and dense vegetation. Wherever you end up, you need to adapt to your surroundings. And quickly. One day in Minecraft is equivalent to 10 minutes of real-world time, so get moving!

Step 1: Wood 

Wood is the most important and most basic necessity that you need to find and stock. Break down all the trees you can by punching them and gather the woodblocks. Now we can start building. 

Step 2: Crafting Table

Put a piece of wood in your crafting grid, and this will give you four planks. 4 planks in a square formation in the grid will give you a crafting table. This is an important item that you need to have in your inventory. 

Once the crafting table is made, you can get to building more items like tools. 

Step 3: Shelter 

A mound of dirt, a cave- anything and everything will suffice for shelter in the Minecraft world. You will also need to block it off completely to stay safe at night; that’s when the mobs set out. Create a door for your shelter, preferably with a small hole so you can keep an eye out for trouble.

Step 4: Tools

Tools can be forged for defence or supplies gathering. Put all the plank pieces in the right formations to get the necessary tools you need. Build according to your need.

Step 5: Food 

Your survival depends on your ability to find food. More often, when you’re breaking down trees for wood, the leaves will fall off, and apples will fall. This can be a great source of food for your first few days. The other option is meat. For that, you’ll have to punch an animal till it dies- which is horrible. Meat and apples will be your only supplements for a while. 

Keep at this, and you’ll survive your first day and night. Be careful while exploring; there might be caves beneath the ground. Keep a lookout for monsters, and have fun!