All About Summer Perfumes

Some fragrances are especially designed for summers. Every season has its own specialty and summer is no different. A number of things change in summers from the food to the clothes. Everything changes and so does the perfumes. Some perfumes are exclusively prepared for the summer months, to make summers all the more beautiful.

It is not necessary that a particular perfume will smell the same on everyone. This is because everyone has their own skin chemistry and that determines the effect of the perfume on your body. Your skin chemistry may be altered during summers. The way a perfume will wear on you depends on the dryness of your skin. It also depends upon the amount of time you spend under the sun.

This would require you to take a sun screen when you are out during peak summers where you start sweating profusely within a few minutes but perfumes also come in handy when you bathe your entire body with it before putting your feet out of the house

A winter perfume may not work together at all in summer months. This is because our dressing style changes in summers. We wear lighter clothes in summers and that is the reason that summer fragrances are lighter. On the other hand, winter perfumes are quite heavy and dark. This is the reason that winter perfumes won’t work in summers and vice versa.

Summer is the time for fun and thus you can look out for some trendy perfumes. Choose a light perfume after all summer is all about being light!

Various types of summer perfumes are available. Fruity-floral perfumes are the flavor of the season. Fascinating floral smells are mixed with characteristic fruity fragrance. The popular perfumes in this category are “Sugar” from Fresh and “Sunset Heat” from Escada. One of the most popular citrus scents nowadays is “Little Italy”. This is from Bond No. 9. This perfume is ideal for you if you wish to buy one from the perfume boutique.

Carol’s Daughter also offers a huge range of fruity-floral perfumes. The perfumes can be purchased online from sites like Sephora which is a huge perfume website. Groove is one of their popular perfumes which smell of cherry and peach. The moment you put this perfume, you can’t think of anything but summer.

There’s nothing to worry in case you are not too fond of fruity floral perfumes. You can go for the light florals instead. Some the popular fragrances in this category are Very Irresistible from Givenchy, Goddess from Baby Phat and Chelsea Flowers from Bond no. 9. These light fragrances are usually preferred by girls, but they are ideal for boys too especially in summers.

Perfumes from Calvin Klein are known for their great smell. These are the right ones for you in case you don’t want girly fragrances. These perfumes are cross gender. In case your eyes are blindfolded, it will be difficult for you to tell whether it’s an aftershave or cologne.

The type of fragrance is different for summers and winters. Eau-de-parfums and perfumes are ideal for winter months. They last longer and are also heavier. Eau-de-toilette and cologne are preferred in summers. However they are not too long lasting and you need to refresh them from time to time. We sweat a lot in summers and that is the reason that the fragrances need to be used frequently.

Eau-de-toilette and colognes do not have a long lasting smell however their fragrance is something that makes them so desirable. You need not worry in case your favorite cologne does not last long. You can buy a similar fragrance body lotion and cream. You can put them first and then spray the cologne. The fragrance will definitely last longer this way.