At Last; A Weight Loss Program That Tells It How It Is

The Fat Loss Factor Program has been warmly received by both professional review publications and users alike. This fully downloadable weight-loss solution does not offer any gimmicks, it does not make any outrageous claims, but what it does do is offer you a chance to lose weight in a proven and tested way. Clicking Here at the digital newspaper will provide the correct information to the people. The weight loss is according to the requirement of the people. The benefits are high for the individuals with the information available at the newspaper.

What you will not get!

Sorry, but there are no magic pills to swallow or magic potions to drink. This program is based on science. The great advantage of such an approach to weight-loss is that by following the clear and informative advice given, sticking with the program for the 12 weeks, and put in a little determination and willpower your weight-loss troubles will be over.

Broken down into two parts you will have a preparation and detox period followed by the bulk of the program. Let’s take a look at these:

Phase 1 – 2 week detoxification

Body detox is certainly not new. It has been practiced by various cultures throughout the world for many centuries. If you are wondering whether such a method really works to prepare you for a sensible, structured weight-loss program simply look back around 50 years ago.

This was when Stanley Burroughs created the original ‘lemonade diet’. Amazingly his book is still in print today, and many current detox programs are based around this short but concise book.

One you have completed the first phase of the Fat Loss Factor Program your body should have been internally cleansed of all the nasty toxins and waste which have built up over the years. This will leave you feeling cleaner, healthier and with more energy.

From here it is onto:

Phase 2 – 10 week Diet and Exercise regimen

Structure is a theme which runs throughout this phase. You will clearly see what needs to be done, what should be eaten, and learn some excellent nutritional tips along the way. While the structure is important the flexibility when it comes to exercising is equally so.

You do not have to be a fitness fanatic to complete this program. The author has been sensible enough to include 3 levels of exercise. These are beginner, intermediate and advanced. This means there is an exercise level for everyone.

It’s sad but true

Exercise is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to helping you lose weight and maintaining good all-round health. The joy of these fat burning exercises is that they are short and sharp. Just as importantly they are varied and interesting.

It is also sad but true!

The fact that so many people who are overweight believe a ‘magic potion or pill’ can give them instant weight loss. They have been convinced that long term and permanent weight loss is possible without addressing their current lifestyle.

This really is not true, and the blame must be put at the doorstep of some very persuasive marketers. While some of these ‘wonder’ products may give you an initial drop in weight the great likelihood is that this will not be a permanent weight-loss solution.

Get with the program

When you follow the Fat Loss Factor Program you are going down a sensible and proven route to long term weight loss, now that is not sad, but it is certainly true!