Best Weight Loss Pills – Which one are they?

Looking for weight loss supplements and herbal medicines?

Well, there is no much science to backup the claims of weight loss supplements and most of them also have health risks. A specialist’s consultation is important before you decide to take such medicines.

Another fact that you must know is that FDA banned some of the weight loss pills especially those who had any prescription drug which was not notified on their label.This shows that you will never be able to sure of what you are taking for losing some pounds. Dietary pills do come under the regulation of FDA but they do not treat them as medicines because they are treated as food.

Also, manufacturers of food supplements do not have to mention or make sure that these pills are safe for human health. Their effectiveness is also doubted but some weight loss pills have proven that they can do miracles with human body. According to a research, one out of every three USA citizens is overweight or obese. These people have to take supplements or look for the best weight loss pills in market. This type of medicines provide guarantee and most of them do not fulfil their promises.It does not mean that taking good weight loss supplement will not reduce your weight but the number of reduced pounds is not doubted. Some doctors also say that these pills are less than what was expected from them. The purchasing of the suppressant is made with the checking of the reviews and ratings of the site. All the details for the purchase are provided to the individual. The prescription of the experts and doctors is taken to have the desired results. The selection of the right medicine will increase the benefits. 

How weight loss pills work?

Weight loss pills claim that they will help you to lose weight when combined with some other methods. These pills work in three different ways or some of them combine all these three ways to increase their efficiency.

Reduce fat absorption

Reduce appetite

After eating certain dietary pills, you will feel your tummy to be fuller therefore you will not feel any need of extra eating. Reduced appetite is good for people who love food and cannot avoid it.

Boost up the fat burning process

These types of pills are important for people who cannot perform regular physical activities therefore their fats will automatically be burnt.

Some of the best weight loss supplements and pills are reviewed here.


This medicine has been a part of best weight loss pills since a decade. Its regular performance and effectiveness have made it one of the most popular weight loss pills ever. It has many different types but the most famous and effective one is simply called Hydroxycut.


It includes plants extract and cafine which helps to lose weight through rapid fat burning.


One research has shown that hydroxycut has tendency to reduce almost 9 kg weight in just three month of regular usage.

Side effects:

Its side effects only harm those who have allergy with caffeine. Such people will feel literariness, anxiety, nausea, tremors, irritability and diarrhea.

Orlistat (Alli)

This drug is sold over the counter with name Alli. It is a pharmaceutical drug and sold under the prescription of Xenical. Its best performance, over the years, has made it one of the best weight loss pills ever.

How it works:

Alli makes sure that your fats are not broken down in gut. This prohibits the absorption of fats in your body therefore your weight will not increase anymore.

Effectiveness of Alli:

A series of eleven experiments have shown that Alli produces effective results. According to the research Alli boosts up your weight loss by 6 pounds and it was also tested against a dummy pill.

Additional benefits:

Alli has also been tested for additional benefits and the results show that this pill is effective against type two diabetes. People who use this weight loss pill have 60% less chances of developing this diabetes in any stage of their life. It also reduces blood pressure rate in its users.

Side effects:

This pill creates several digestive side effects like frequent and uncontrollable bowl movements. Users also complain that their stool becomes oily and loose while using it. You may also have to face the vitamin deficiency of vitamin A, E, D and K. This deficiency is caused because these vitamins are fat soluble vitamins.

Doctors recommend low fat diets while using this pill because low fat will decrease the side effects.

Raspberr Ketones

A substance known as raspberry ketone is present in raspberries which creates their specific smell. Dietary pills market has provided synthetic version of these ketones as a weight loos supplement.

Working of Raspberry ketone pills:

These pills are most effective and natural pills ever. It works in two different ways. At one stage, it increases the breakdown of fats and increases the level of hormone known as adiponectin. This hormone is famous for helping in reduction of weight.


It has not been used on humans for testing but a test on rats identified that it reduces the weight gain tremendously.

Side effects:

Side effects of raspberry ketones depend upon your sense of smell. This is because your burp is going t smell like raspberries so you should be careful in using these best weight loss pills.

  • Glucomannan
  • A plant named elephant yam has this fibber named
  • Glucomannan in its roots. Plant is also named as Kojac.

How it works?

Glucomannan has the tendency to absorb large amount of water and turn itself into a gel like substance. This substance sets in your gut and reduces your feeling of hunger. As the hunger is reduced, you will not feel like eating anymore therefore the calorie and fat intake will also decrease. All of this results in reduction of weight.


It has been tested on humans many times. According to all those studies, it has the tendency to reduce around 8 to 10 pounds from your body in just five weeks.

Additional benefits:

The best thing about weight loss pills, containing glucomannan, is that they are completely natural and do not pose serious side effects for human body or digestive system. This fibber has friendly bacteria which are fed to your intestine resulting in decrease of cholesterol and blood sugar level. It is also effective for people facing the problem of constipation.


It is one of the most famous diet pills in market. It claims that your mind will think that you are full. It is basically a plant in South Africa which was used by hunters to suppress their appetite for long trips.

How it works?

You will never feel food cravings in your body any more therefore you can starve as much as you want. By having hoodia, you will feel that you are not hungry at all.


Hoodia have been tested by many scientific researches and the biggest evidence can be seen from history. It was tested on a number of females and most of them lost good amount of fat from their bodies.

All in all, food supplements and diet pills can help you to reduce weight but most of them have side effects therefore their use must be confined to minimum.