Buying Business Liability Insurance – What Are The Insurance!!

There are some mandatory business insurance covers and the liability cover is one of them.

If your company is found responsible for causing property damage or bodily injury to a third party, it may be legally required to pay hefty compensation.

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The sum can be so large that it can disrupt the company’s cash flow and operations. You would want to have full protection from such a misfortune.

Business Insurance: Types of Liability Coverage

There are three main types of commercial liability coverage which you can get with business insurance. There is standard liability coverage. It provides financial protection in case of general claims being made against your company.

For instance, if a customer slips, falls and gets injured on your premises, you will be able to compensate him/her for this using your liability coverage.

You can also buy product liability coverage as part of your business insurance package. It covers the liability of the manufacturer or seller in case a product of theirs causes property damage or bodily injury to a user, buyer or bystander due to defect, malfunction or failure to warn.

No matter whether you produce physical or intangible goods, you should get such coverage for effective financial protection.

Business Insurance: Liability Coverage Specifics

Professional liability insurance also called indemnity insurance is designed for companies and business professionals that provide services. It covers their liability for injury, damage or loss resulting from their professional service due to error, omission or negligence.

You need to understand the limitations of the business liability insurance. It does not cover employer liability and commercial auto liability. It does not provide compensation for damage caused to your business property. You will need separate covers for all of these items.

Similarly, damage caused to the environment is not covered, but it may be possible to add it as an extension of your insurance.

There are two ways in which liability coverage can work. With the claims made mode, the insurer that covers you at the time when the claim is made provides compensation. With the occurrence mode, the insurer that covers you at the time of occurrence will handle the claim.

They will work with you to resolve the claim even if you do not renew your policy with them.

There are many different factors that will determine the amount of liability coverage that you will buy as part of your business insurance package. In any case, it is recommended that you purchase as much coverage as you can afford. To get a range of free, no obligation quotes, click on the link below.