Chocolate: Sweet enemy

Our pets become part of the family as a member and as such, sometimes reward you with sugar, chocolate, sweet mortal enemy. Both the chocolate and other sweet fruits are a deadly enemy to the health of our pets. 

Who resists when your dog looks at you with those huge eyes tender, bright and sweet, smooth and inquisitive expression, to give you a prize like snacks of what we are enjoying at the moment? What we often do not know that the gift is offered with the best of intentions and with all the excitement, can be fatal to your health. 

Those who live with one or more dogs, we got to integrate them so deeply into our lives to become what has been called ?one of the family? and not hurt us to admit garments, much to the contrary, we are proud our colleagues in fatigues that show their love, their loyalty and their total dependence at all times and circumstances. 

It is difficult if not impossible, to separate from our daily chores, or what we really want, and our four-legged friends come with us on television, are with us to shop, sleep in our beds or screwed fluffy, happy, comfortable in the sofa lounge, while we, to let them site-not as we sit comfortably on the floor-? not to hinder. 

Could almost say that table and tablecloth share with us, their owners waiting anxiously it comes to desserts and particularly precious banquet, when all the guests we offer succulent cuts of meat, some bread, some fruit, or any other mime-over that, like cheese, a sausage of slice etc. 

The very tasty Chocolate Award 

But there are many other delicacies that under no circumstances, none, we must never give them, the sugar, in whatever form (some fruits such as melon or grapes have high sugar content), and all sweet diseases occur in the long run of different types, which include glaucoma. Excess salt (chips, crackers, most homemade stews, etc..), Lead to kidney complications; nuts produced liver problems, and a long list of NoEs we should avoid for their own good. It is better to give them the food and products that are suitable for them just like the ones that you can find here: And at the same time, you have to avoid food or products that are not suitable to them.

Therefore, if we bet on the insurance, it would be best to stick to a balanced diet, and if offered as a prize cookie made specifically for dogs that are low in salt and sugar ? or at most a bit of stale bread or cheese. Thank you but also be protected from greater evils. 

Of course this is not always easy, especially under our roof, as well as dogs, live infants and the elderly, as both are not other reasons to follow and sooner rather than later succumb to the temptation to give a thousand times, soon falling into their hands. 

And there the problems begin ? 

Who would have thought that the delicious chocolate cookie, seemingly harmless, can become poison to the real dog in the house? And who says cookies, candy says, candy or very dark chocolate bar that we purchased to make a delicious dessert on Sunday. 

Theobromine, like a toxicosis

The chocolate is so delicious for us as it is for our four legged friends and there is no one who resists its great taste. The difference is that the excessive intake in humans, if it results in an accumulation of fat, the increase in cellulite and a few more kilos, while the nice furry, a substance called ?Theobromine? which is in the composition of chocolate, regardless of this, eventually causing the animal a ?toxicosis? that can have devastating consequences, ie death. 

The poisoned animal can take hours or even days to present with symptoms of theobromine poisoning, and what?s worse is that most of the time the owner, out of pure ignorance, will not involve the discomfort of the dog with those bars chocolate gave it days before ? however, this is interesting, the table of the symptomatic toxicosis by theobromine is perfectly typical. More serious still is the fact that there is no specific antidote ? 

Specific symptoms of toxicosis by theobromine 

  • Vomiting. 
  • Diarrhea. 
  • Urinary incontinence. 
  • Increased cardio-respiratory rhythm. 
  • Hyperactivity. 
  • Muscle tremors. 
  • Spasms. 
  • Loss of consciousness (semi-comatose state or deep coma). 

Golden Rules 

Sadly enough as little as 100 mg. of theobromine per kilogram of body weight to cause the dog to eat chocolate in any form, a serious and even severe intoxication, which can seriously jeopardize your life. 

It is therefore necessary, whenever it is suspected that the animal could ingest lethal doses of chocolate, lead immediately to the veterinary clinic to undergo shock treatment, immediate and appropriate in order to try to remove it from theobromine body as soon as possible.