Diabetes – Poor Food Habits?

The Best Carbs For Low Carbers THE world is an ironic place indeed. In one part of town people are dying because they are too poor to buy a piece of fish or green vegetables. In the same town, people are dying because they are overweight and sick from eating junk food. The junk food chains are now being challenged with law suits for selling unhealthy and dangerous products. Diabetes type 2 is the result of an unhealthy diet. It is reaching epidemic proportions and the 20,000 delegates at the International Diabetes Federation congress in Paris recently heard shocking statistics. There are 177 million people in the work suffering from this preventable disease.

The World health Organization predicts that as many as 370 million people will have full-blown diabetes by 2033. “We are heading for one of the biggest health catastrophes that the world has ever seen,” said Sir George Alberti. It was astounding to learn that eating habits are becoming so unhealthy. Harmful chemicals in the food chain weaken the immune system making people prone to diabetes.

According to Rafael Castillo, a prominent expert in the Philippines , diabetes type 1 occurs early in life when the body can’t produce enough insulin. Life-long insulin injections are needed but people can have normal lives so long as they have a good diet and exercise. In type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin but can’t absorb it and the results can be devastating if not detected in time. Some 90 per cent of cases are type 2 and people over 40 are the most likely sufferers. Junk food is one of the causes, as chains serve the cheapest products possible. Any diet that is not big on fish, vegetables, fruit and water is creating the condition where type 2 diabetes will strike. Diabetes develops insidiously and symptoms can vary. People feel thirsty all the time, go to the bathroom a lot, feel tired and get colds. Then a blood test to check your sugar level is essential. Type 2 diabetes can become a huge risk factor for stroke, heart attack or kidney Failure. Some patients can become blind or need a leg amputated. The way to deal with type 2 diabetes is a healthy low-sugar diet of natural foods and regular exercise. Also, prescribed medications will help the body absorb insulin. If this intervention is too late then insulin injections may be necessary.

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