Dress like Jennifer Lopez – American Idol’s Fashion Idol & America’s Most Beautiful Woman

Jennifer Lopez was recently selected as People’s Magazine “Most Beautiful Woman”. She has been turning heads all season on American Idol. Let’s take a look at how we can emulate her gorgeous taste in make-up and fashion.

Metallics – Lots of metallics! Ms. Lopez excels at mixing gold, silver, bronze and pewter with both grace and flair. Not only with her jewelry, but with her clothing as well.

Your Turn – The biggest risk when working with the metallics is the reality that they can out do you. Make sure to keep your make-up palette within the same scheme as your metallics, and if your clothing is very outspoken, make sure your accessories draw attention towards your face, rather than distract. Try a pair of face framing earrings like these Sparkle and Shine Stud Earrings at Charlotte Russe.


It’s a common piece of advice, that brunettes should not wear grey. I think JLo has dispelled this rumor completely having worn grey multiple times and looking gorgeous as always.

Your Turn

If you’re a brunette, don’t be afraid to wear grey! Wearing a silvery eyeshadow, like this Sterling from Ulta, and accessorizing with silver jewelry can help pull it all together.

Green  amp; Pink

If you follow along with the style predictions released by the fashion powers that be, you will have noticed that months ago they predicted that hot pink and a true green is going to be all over this summer. Jennifer nailed it when she sported her green dress with bright pink lipstick during the initial elimination for the top 24.

Your Turn

The important thing to remember when choosing your make-up style is to accentuate either your eyes or your lips, but never both at the same time. JLo demonstrated this when she wore hot pink lipstick, but wore a neutral eyeshadow to complement it. To get her look, try Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Candy Pink.

Leopard Print

Sometimes leopard print can come across as slightly tacky, but when Jennifer wore hers, she chose a top that featured a large print. This is important because a tiny leopard print can have a dizzying effect. Also, she chose to pair hers with classic, retro accessories, such as red lipstick and simple jewelry, which gave it a very Hollywood feel.

Your Turn

Try this leopard print cardigan by J Jones New York, found at Macy’s.


Many people consider pearls to be an outdated thing of the past. But I think JLo begs to disagree! Pearls are every bit as stylish as they have ever been.

Your Turn 

You will adore this multi-strand pearl necklace that is mixed with some metallic chains for an added edge.

Index Rings

Ms. Lopez is the first person I have ever seen wear cocktail rings on her index or pointer finger. Having small fingers myself, I can see how this would enable you to wear rings that might not fit your middle or ring fingers.

Your Turn 

Find some unique cocktail (also known as statement rings) like these at Charlotte Russe.

Big Earrings 

JLo has shown us how big earrings are truly oh so chic. She also showed us it’s okay to wear a favorite piece more than once when she wore the same gold hoop earrings two nights in a row. Thank you, Jennifer, for being real!

Your Turn 

These earrings at Forever 21 are similar to the ones that she wore.

Big, Full Hair 

The only thing bigger than her earrings has been her hair! I love the way that Jennifer hasn’t been afraid to show off her big hair in a world that pushes us toward, sleek, flat styles. Some nights her hair was even very reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett.

Your Turn 

Amp up the volume with products that are designed to add foulness without weighing down your hair. Using either your curling iron or hot rollers, curl all of your hair away from your face, towards the back of your head. It is very important to remember to use this method in order to achieve foulness. After curling, run your fingers lightly through your hair from the bottom, in order to avoid frizz.

Purple Eyeshadow 

While beauty columnists would lead us to believe that pastel purple eyeshadow is a thing of the past, I think JLo shows us otherwise. She has flaunted a smoky lilac shade several times and I think it does wonders in drawing out her eyes.

Your Turn 

Try using a purple shade like Bayou from Ulta on your lid, and Platinum up to your brow. Make sure to blend thoroughly! It’s important to keep it light, because a shade that is too deep can shadow your eyes and create an illusion of fatigue. Also, as before, since you will be accentuating your eyes, it’s a good idea to wear a neutral shade on your lips, as JLo has demonstrated with her light, peachy lipstick. Try something like Maybelline’s Color Sensation Pearls in Coral Gleam.

Femininity – I love seeing a star that isn’t afraid to embrace her girly side and be okay with that! Femininity is our greatest charm ladies.

May all your fashion wishes comes true!

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