Easy Weight Loss Steps

These days weight loss is a hot topic among people everywhere. Televisions are packed with commercials promising rapid weight loss if you use the products the commercials are advertising and people everywhere are going on diets trying to loose those few extra pounds not to mention the internet and it’s capability to advertise all those weight loss products on the market promising you results. We are exposed to all of this every day and so many of us spend so much money on these products that do not deliver the results promised and the diets we go on do not hold up. Frustrating right? a waste of time you say? well here’s some guaranteed ways to loose weight and you don’t have to spend one thin dime on any wonder product or starve yourself on some miracle diet either!

Tip #1: Have fun

Remember going for walks in the park with your friends as a kid? or how about going swimming on a hot summer day? even going to the mall and window shopping. These are great ways to burn up some calories and boost your metabolism. Your body was built to be active so why not do what comes naturally and have some good old fun while your at it. Jogging, playing sports, swimming, even running around with the kids can be a fun and easy way to loose weight and if you really want to go for the gold, go out and play dance dance revolution! sound corny? well when you play dance dance revolution, you get a great cardio workout and it’s alot of fun. Easy-to-go steps will add fun with the consumption of resurge pills. With the high level of satisfaction, the removal of the fat is more in comparison to the others. The eating of the snacks should be proper and under the guidance of the experts. The outcome will enhance the experience of the people in weight loss mechanism.

Tip#2 Lay off snacks and soda

Junk foods and soda are high in sugar and calories. They are an easy way to gain weight rather than loose it. Some great alternatives to sugary snacks are apples and bananas. There are also flavored waters and vitamin water which are much better for you than sodas, cost about the same amount and taste just as good but without the carbination and acids and sugar. A much healthier alternative to soda. You can also enjoy all fruit or vegetable smoothies. They are highly nutritious and taste great not to mention give you a boost of energy and a good feeling. I personally suggest going to jamba juice rather than going to the local convience store for a soda but if you must go to a convience store, look for naked fruit juice beverages, vitamin or flavored waters or some ice cold water.

Tip#3 Eat less but more frequently

Most people believe that eating less means loosing weight but in actuality it’s more worse than you may think. In fact it’s one of the worst things you can do while trying to loose weight. Eat a healthy breakfast of complex carbohydrates such as oat meal or cream of wheat and make sure to follow up with a banana or some other kind of fruit. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to get the day going right and help to hold off hunger for a number of hours. The rest of the meals that you eat throughout the day should be a combination of vegetables and meats with minimal oils, food additives and sauces. The oils and sauces contain lots and lots of calories and cholesterol not to mention sodium. Try to steam your vegetables and grill your meat over an open fire. It tastes great and you get those cool grill marks. You should eat every 3 to 4 hours or 4 times a day and stay as active as you can to make sure you burn up the calories and fat your consuming every time you eat.

Tip#4 Spice it up a bit

Believe it or not, spicy foods boost your metabolism! no not the foods so hot you need a fire extinguisher served with them on the side, just a dash of curry or some chili powder maybe even some hot sauce in your food will add a nice twist to any meal and boost your metabolism. Your probably asking how that is about now right? well here’s how. When you consume spicy food, the spices cause your body temperature to rise and your heart rate increases and you may even sweat a little bit. All of these takes energy and so your body raises it’s metabolic rate to produce the needed energy which burns up calories and fat.

Pretty cool or should I say hot way to help you loose some extra pounds.

Tip#5 Stay hydrated

Drink lots and lots of water. keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to stay healthy and keep your metabolism where it should be. when we become dehydrated, our body slows down to conserve it’s resources and as a result fat builds up because it’s being systematically stored for the long haul. Your body believes it’s experiencing a time when resources are scarce so it conserves what it has at hand and so you gain more weight that you do loose weight. Not to mention you get pretty darn thirsty. Staying hydrated is essential for a healthy metabolism.

Tip#6 Exercise

Yes the dreaded “E” word. We all know it, most of us hate it and we all have at least one time in our lives where we found an excuse why we couldn’t exercise. But in reality, it’s essential for healthy weight loss. But exercising does not need to be all dull and hard work like alot of us think exercising can be fun and productive. Clean your house, walk down to the corner store rather than drive, walk the dog or even go for a quick jog. These are healthy and easy ways to exercise and stay fit.

Weight loss does not need to be all hard work, it can be a blast if you want it to be, you just need a little imagination and a good attitude and you will be ready to go!