Exercises To Do Before Starting Body Building

  1. Quadriceps Exercise:

The Quadriceps stretch warm up exercises can be done in two ways.

(i) Standing Quadriceps

(ii) Lying Down Quadriceps

The standing quadriceps warm exercises is similar to the lying down quadriceps exercises. In the lying down quadriceps, lay down on your stomach. Then take the hand towards the butt. Fold the leg of the same side. Pull the leg gently holding from the ankle and keep it stay holding there for maximum of 30 seconds. Do the same with the other foot. The main area of target is the front part of the thigh. Some breathing and kegel exercises should also be done.

  1. Hamstring Exercises

Hamstring exercises is done only in the standing position. Putting one leg on the bench, the bench should be lower than waist height. After putting the leg on the bench try to touch the ankle and the knee with the hand. Try not to forget hold and control of the breathe.

  1. Calf Exercise:

Calf stretch is done in the standing and lying position. For the standing calf exercises go to the corner where you can let your feet go down and up as far as it can go. For the better result in the calf Exercise keep your hands on the waist and then must do the calf Exercise this will give more weight on the calf.

There are four types of calf stretches:

(i) Wall Calf Exercises

(ii) Curb Exercises

(iii) Steted Calf Exercises

(iv) Downward Facing Dog

  1. Lat Exercise:

There are many types of Lat Exercise Hanging Lat Exercise, Pulling Lat stretching.

For the hanging lat exercises hang from a pull bar for at least 60- 90 seconds. This type of stretching is safe and simple. If done hanging try to pull yourself up. If the hanging lat exercises are tough for somebody then pull Lat exercises will be good for the other. In the pulling lat exercises stand facing the wall which are having handles. Grip the handle hard then pull yourself back words. Push your boy backwards and then stretch your back muscle. And then go back to the original position and repeat.

  1. Biceps Exercises:

Bring your hands and join them together at the back. Interlace your fingers and straighten up your arms and hands. Raise the arms and legs till you feel the stretch. This was the biceps exercises for bodybuilding

  1. Chest Exercise:

The chest stretching exercises are done with the preference of dumbbells. For the chest stretch get a straight bench and lay down on the bench with stomach up. Hold the dumbbells in the hand and keep the arms as back as much as you can feel the stretching. Keep the hands back upto 30 seconds. And if it is done with the weights it can be done upto 20 seconds.

  1. Shoulders Exercises:

It is the most common type of stretching exercises. First keep the hand straight and fold the elbow the arm to the back.

Keeping the arm at the back stretch the elbow backwards with the other hand towards the back. Repeat the same procedure with the other arm also. It is very simple and lot of people be seen doing the shoulder stretching exercise.

Stretching Exercises for athletes

  1. Wheelbarrow Push Exercises:

This stretching exercise is done using wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is heavy so it helps the athlete to make and effort in pushing it. The exercise can also be made more tough by putting more weight on the wheelbarrow.

  1. Sled Dragging Exercises:

Sled dragging is the most effective exercise for the athletes. The sled dragging is the one of the America’s favorite sports. The sled dagger is counted as the most powerful man or woman on planet earth.


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