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Why Youtube Videos specifically?

There is one fundamental reason why you should be using Youtube videos in your everyday social media marketing. The answer is they work!

People spend hours every day watching Youtube videos and if your video content is valuable then prospects will click through to your website, squeeze page, and/or blog. Keeping this in mind, Voy Media came up with some of the best marketing strategies for individuals and business owners to grow their online presence. 

Your Youtube videos can get the attention of millions of prospects in one place

Browse the list below for more reasons you should be using Youtube Videos :

Because Google bought Youtube. Now you have a great chance of getting your video seen on Google search.

Great Google ranking, quick. Relevant. Users want to digest this type of content.

Not a lot of businesses are doing it. Competitive advantage!

Youtube videos are more personal. With your Youtube videos, you can enhance your branding capabilities. Adding well-targeted keywords to your video also with Google ranking.

Because Video Ranks in the Search Engines faster than anything else on the Web!!!

SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Youtube has a page rank of 9. It would be silly not to use this to get a backlink to your website and boost your search engine rankings.

Video means quick. You can upload your videos in just a matter of minutes and have them live and viewable pronto.

People have shorter attention spans. Youtube videos grab attention quickly with the effective use of images and music.

Branding – you can allow people to embed your video content onto their websites or blogs. This gives you extra exposure to other prospects completely free.

People love videos. When people have more senses engaged at once, it engages their emotions. It makes them know/like and trust you more.

They don’t have to read. More people these days are visual. Videos grab the eyes!

  • Youtube has the greatest search numbers
  • Youtube Videos can be used effectively to tap into prospect emotions. Video engages people.
  • Show and tell your client
  • Video is reality advertising
  • It makes you look professional
  • Video allows for one way interaction. Limited reading, tell your client what you can do.
  • Video convert better than words.
  • The more eyes you catch – the better chance you have of getting their interest.
  • We expect to see ‘em.

People believe what they SEE and your Youtube videos make your customers/prospects feel like you’re talking directly to them.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. More videos are watched on YouTube every day than the total number of Google searches done daily.

Works exceptionally well with other online marketing methods, Video elicits an emotional response that you can’t get from the written word.

Video is fun. Think about it…tv is what we grow up with and a video is a form of tv production.

Your Youtube Videos are… IN THEIR FACE…VERY POWERFUL.

It’s not uncommon to get a few thousand views to an average video but if your video is punchy with great content there is no reason why you cannot get a few hundred thousand views of your video. This is called going viral.

Youtube Videos are the rage! What are you waiting for, it’s time for you to make yours today