Fat Loss Factor Review – Check the reviews!!

If you are going through this Fat Loss Factor review then you may have already tried several other diet programs and workout programs but are still searching for one that will really reel in some results. The main problem with a lot of weight loss programs is that they are fad diets.

They are designed so you will lose weight only for a temporary period and then you’ll notice you are gaining weight again, forcing you to pay for more. Dr. Michael Allen, the professional nutritionist and certified chiropractor who designed the Fat Loss Factor, discovered a much simpler system that ensures you are guaranteed to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Fat Loss Factor Review – How It’s Different

So what is Fat Loss Factor and how does it work? You could look at it more as a lifestyle guide than a weight loss program or diet program because it is designed to help you get back into a healthy lifestyle free from stress. You see one of the main reasons why people continuously gain weight and fail to lose weight is because of mental and emotional stress. When a person is stressed they tend to eat unhealthy food to feel better.

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They turn to the pleasure foods that make them relax and feel at ease. This habit also ruins a lot of body functions and over time the body is attacked with too many fats, toxins, and other unhealthy elements that make it hard to lose weight.

Fat Loss Factor Review – The Two Phase Process

Basically the Fat Loss Factor guide is a two phase process. These two phases are designed not only to help you get back into a healthy lifestyle but also to free yourself from the stress that could impede in weight loss. This is the only weight loss program to counter this complication which is why people follow this guide tend to lose weight without gaining it back all over again.

Fat Loss Factor Review Phase One

The first phase is for two weeks. This is the detox phase and this is perhaps the only real challenge to overcome. This is the real obstacle a lot of people have to get over if they want to step into the core program of the Fat Loss Program but it is perhaps the most important part as well.

The body is littered with so many toxins, fats, and other germs and unnecessary elements that lay waste to the body. All of these things clutter of the blood, the liver, and other parts of the body that could help you lose weight. They also stop the organs from functioning properly.

The detox phase requires you to consume nothing but organic food. This means there should be no processed meals since they could contain chemicals and preservatives. You want real, organic meals and drinks. Don’t think that simply eating fruits and vegetables is good enough though – very often the fruits you buy had chemicals sprayed on them such as insecticides and chemical fertilizers or enhancers. You want real organic food that is free from all of this.

This is because you want flush out all the toxins in the body. Cleansing the body is important for weight loss since it now allows your body to function properly and all the excess trash is tossed out. Most of the time you also lose a lot of weight during detox because most of the soft fats are flushed out as well. Water is a key element here since water easily flushes out toxins.

Fat Loss Factor Review Phase Two

The second phase is the proper weight loss phase. This lasts for ten weeks, making the entire Fat Loss Factor program last for twelve weeks total or three months. In this phase you will have to focus on

protein-heavy meals and you’ll get to introduce more and more foods along the way.

You need a diet that will:

– Keep you energized instead of making you weak and tired

– Keep you full without over stuffing yourself with food

To achieve these two goals you will work on several small meals instead of just 2 or 3 meals per day. This should keep you from craving for more. It will also mean you are getting all the nutrition to work on your metabolism to break down food and energy so that nothing is left to turn into unused body fat.

The second phase also emphasizes a lot on exercises but instead of just focusing on regular cardio you are working on high intensity cardio and strength based routines. Cardio is important to burn off fat and the strength exercises are to turn your body mass into lean muscle.

There are three levels of intensity:

Beginner Intermediate Advanced

This is to ensure that you are able to do the exercises suited for your body statistics. There’s no point in forcing someone to perform advanced training if they simply cannot handle it.

Fat Loss Factor Review Conclusion

So is this the perfect weight loss program for all your needs and wants, is this the program to keep you forever healthy, and is this the ideal program for anyone to jump into? The short answer is a definitive yes. If you look into other Fat Loss Factor reviews you will see that the majority agree.

Most complaints have to do with the detox phase. These two weeks are pretty hard because there are a lot of foods that you just can’t eat during this period. But once you overcome the initial two weeks and get into the core section of the program you’ll be able to get back to regular food, albeit under strict dietary limitations.

Our Fat Loss Factor review will point out that this dietary program is more of a lifestyle-changing guide than a regular weight loss program. It helps you cleanse your body from all the toxins that are plaguing the body and then focus on a healthy diet and workout program that can reestablish healthy metabolism and muscle building.