Five Reason to Get Indie Game Minecraft!

I was talking to my friend one day and he told me about a game by Mojang called Minecraft and how easily I get to Minecraft accounts buy. So he let me try the game and I was hooked as soon as I played it. This is a Mining, Building, Farming, Fighting, and so much more. This company also did something different they put the game out in the Beta stage and allowed players to give feedback to make the game better and better. The game is close to losing the Beta name on 11/18/11.

So now onto Five, I think you should try this game.

#1). Great for kids

This game is awesome for young children. My son is only eight years old and he loves the game. It allows him to play a game that dad plays. Even with fighting in the, there is no blood or anything harmful to a young player. ( Plus, you can allow you, child, to just create a world on your account.)

#2). Survival Mode (Single Player)

This is the mode for you people who like a challenge. With many levels of difficultly: Easy, Normal, Hard. You must find enough items to make it through the night. Once night time falls the bad guys come out.

#3). Creative Mode (Single Player)

This mode gives you every item in the game and allows you to create anything you can dream of from Castles, Houses, Pixel Art, Giant Statues of things, Pyramids, Boats, and you can use Redstone for automating somethings in the game.

#4). Multi-player Mode.

In this, you can get everything you can from the single-player modes just with players online. Ex: On the, I play on there is a max of 120 players and it is just like a real-life community-based server. There are also PVP servers and Creative servers.

#5). User-created Mods

This is probably one of the coolest things that Mojang allows in the game. User base mods add things from Texture packs for graphics to adding to items or new bad guys to the game. It is also great for multiplayer servers because you can have money plugin, MMO plugin, Lockette, and plugins to fix when people do things they shouldn’t be doing.

In closing, This game is a cheaper game than most of your console games. It is being sold for 21.95 (USD) right now. This may change once the release day is upon us. Find everything you need to know at