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Good day to all dear friends of the site play on the stock exchange, today as every Sunday we start analyzing what happened in the seventh just passed, to understand the goals for the following week.

The week that has just passed, that is the one that goes from 12 to 17 October, has not presented any news compared to the previous one, so we can say that it was a week of consolidation both at the level of information flow and at the level of prices on the market. From this point of view, we wanted, in fact, it ended some schizophrenia that has dominated the markets in recent months, with news shocks every day and continuous interventions from the central banks.

So what are the hot times, the stories that an operator who operates on the Forex market, must know?

-The situation in China has calmed down. We had a strong outbreak of the stock market, which led to the devaluation of the Yuan and the collapse of the stock exchange. Seeing the reaction of today’s prices, it seems that it was, although very violent a healthy descent because it allowed the quotes to return on more suitable values, without then eventually create illustrious victims. Now, you want for the strong descent, you want for the presence and continuous monitoring by the Chinese authorities, the prices are now stable, with a desire even shooting. So in the short, we don’t have to wait for new storms.

-In the USA, the interest rate situation seems to have cleared up, with the US had decided not towing the rates and therefore, the US dollar in devaluation and stock exchange in recovery.

-Emerging currencies in strong constant recovery, every week, sign that the part of serenity is pushing the operators to return to these assets considered as dynamite until a few days ago. Also because the yield of many bonds, is really very interesting in terms of performance.

Now let’s make a first clear analysis of the strong currencies from the weak and then to highlight the most interesting currency crosses:

  • USD absolutely from here at the end of the year, in strong weakness towards all currencies. The non-rise in rates is forcing operators to continue covering. Also, there are other traders, who also start to push upward, on the certainty of this dynamic as well as the recommendation by the Best Trading Platform. This with good probability by the end of the year will lead to a very strong devaluation of the dollar much higher than the current one.
  • GBP, follows a dynamic very similar to that of the American dollar, in fact also the central Bank of the United Kingdom as the American one decided not to raise the rates, you do not understand the reason, but even the GBP has an even greater weakness than that of the American dollar.
  • Basic Euro should be a very weak currency, but often reflects the decisions that are made by other central banks, so there are days of weakness alternating with days of strength. In reality, it is not a real force of the euro, but of great news related to particular currencies, which make it strong of reflection. We can notice the case with the emerging currencies, in which it has gained so much without a real reason indeed. Against the dollar where in the last sessions is very strong, against GBP. La reason is precisely this so, you have to make a little effort and try to put in our operation on this market also this reasoning, new until a few years ago.
  • Yen The Japanese currency is among the most nervous because we are for Japan at a time of maximum quantitative easing. The market, however, given the bad data of Japan, expects new measures of stimulus, then we notice in trading every day, a great nervousness for this currency, which in our opinion in the medium term, will turn into a great weakness, favored by a Probable near future intervention of the Japanese central bank.
  • Aud, the currency of kangaroos, that is the Australian dollar, at this stage is in Gradissimo recovery thanks to a number of factors that play to its advantage: