Great Uses For Duct Tape In The Outdoors

Duct Tape is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Beyond its name use of sealing around duct work, duct tape can be used to repair, fix, and make a number of useful items. Here are just a few of the uses.

If you are out on a hunting, fishing, or hiking trip and the soles of your shoe begins to fall off, give the shoes a wrap or two with duct tape. Duct tape going across the bottom will lessen traction, but it is better than walking barefoot! Broken shoes laces? Simply use the duct tape to hold your shoes or boots on.

Have you ripped your ripped blaze orange vest while hunting? Duct tape can hold it together for the day (I have personally done this!

While not as useful as a coat hanger, duct tape can be used to hold an exhaust pipe off of the ground until you get a better repair material or the proper part. Expect it to burn through and break after awhile, but you can keep repairing it until you get where you are going.

Leaking waders on a fishing trip? Don’t worry, duct tape makes a passable temporary repair for this as well. You may still get seepage into the waders, but duct tape will stop the gushing flow of cold water running down your leg. With a registration at the site, there is the availability of more ideas here for presenting as a gift. The use of the best gift should be done with the correct results. The selection of the gift should be great to meet with the requirements. The efforts should be great for the benefits.

Cut yourself while sweating or in the water on a hiking, backpacking, hunting, or fishing trip? A layer of duct tape over the bandage will hold it on better than most other things.

Have a hole in a tent wall, fly, or other shelter on a camping trip? Duct tape can be used to patch holes in tents on a temporary basis as well.

Broken strap on your backpack? Use duct tape for the repair, especially when securing to an external frame of a backpack. Any bag on a trip from a fanny pack to a bike pannier can use a shot of duct tape from time to time.

Run short on rope for a tent fly or other item. While not as strong as rope, duct tape can be folded into strips and used to lengthen rope. Cover the knot between rope and duct tape with more duct tape as the rope will tend to slip on the duct tape.

Duct tape can be used in a pinch on DC electrical repairs.

This is just a small fraction of the uses of duct tape for campers, hikers, backpackers, hunters, fishermen and others. No one should wander away from civilization without a good supply of duct tape!