Guide to Kingdoms- Understanding New Age Video Games

The current times are extremely grave as a global pandemic by the name of corona virus or Covid-19 has taken the entire country under its grasp as a result of which people have been confined to their homes for the past 6 months and counting.

Well, the past few months have been a trying time as the number of casualty cases keep increasing while the nationwide lockdown has ended up saving many lives in parallel in the hopes that a vaccine will soon be worked out.

However, this has also provided an opportunity for people to try out some new tasks like cooking and gardening while the kids have engaged themselves in playing video games, which by the way has not lost its sheen even today with PS4 and Xbox 360 having taken over the bigger medium.

Starting Point

Therefore, let’s talk about one of the most popular games to have come out in modern times that have been a popular favorite since the past decade that it was launched and continues to hold fort despite many other games having come out since then.

Rise of Kingdoms was launched in June 2005 as a made for PC game that involves strategies to be worked out that had a stronger emphasis on action that still continues to be followed by newer ones even today.

During the 80s and 90s, we had Dangerous Dave, Swat Kats, Contra, Ninja Roberts and their ilk when it came to power packed action adventures with lots of twists and turns thrown in for good measure.

Similarly, Rising Kingdoms caters to the modern generation where its developer Haemimont Games and publisher Black Bean Games devised their own fictional world of fantasy where devious characters wanted to establish their dominion and focus on developing their criminal empire at the same time.

So the basic starting point is that you need to have the necessary resources with human housing, repair builders, healers and many other components to aid you in this perilous mission without compromising on the moral values.

Basic Study

However, it has been found that individuals that are new to the concept have difficulty in playing the complex levels so therefore they need to follow some important steps in the initial stages so that they can grasp the beginner’s level with ease, which are as follows:

  1. Never attack the big city buildings as it would lead to more losses than gains in this level playing field
  2. Never squander your earnings until you have completely grasped the entire game like creating a jumper account that would help you access new kingdoms that is minimum $200 in the beginning
  3. The game is smooth to follow until Level 5 following which you need to take up the commander’s role to attack the enemy forces with renowned vigor when they are completely off guard
  4. Whenever you come across the mysterious merchants shop, start searching it from top to bottom as enemies are known to take refugee inside it from time to time