Gym Workouts For Women

Gym workouts for women need to include variation in order to target all muscle groups and to keep the workout from getting to be boring. Whether you are paying for a membership to a gym or working out for free at home, you’ll want to make effective use of your time. Let’s take a look at some gym workouts for women to consider.

Gym Workouts For Women


When considering female workouts for the gym to lose weight fast, you will always want to choose cardiovascular exercises. Cardio is not only great to help the outside of your body look better, but also great for the inside of your body, especially your heart and lungs. Music is an excellent enhancement to cardio workouts. For example, if you are walking or jogging, listening to music will help you to get greater enjoyment from your workout, and it will also keep you moving at a pace matching the songs to which you are listening.

Your cardio workout can be more effective if you will practice pushing with different parts of your feet. Try using different parts of your feet while on a bike, the stair stepper, and the elliptical machine. For example, you can work on your quads if you will push using your toes. When you push with your heels, you’ll feel it in your butt and in your hamstrings.

If you are working out in a gym, do not waste time standing in line for your preferred machine. For example, instead of waiting in line for the treadmill go to a stair stepper (where you can actually burn 200 calories MORE per hour than a treadmill). Instead of waiting in line for a stationary bike, use a rowing machine and burn 40 to 50 percent more fat while getting a good upper body workout. On top of your body workouts, you may also consider taking supplements to support your diet and physical activities. You can learn about boosters by visiting this page. 

Free Weights

Dumbbells are great for workouts. In most gyms, they are pre-configured in a variety of weights. So you just need to grab a pair and start pumping. You might want to choose neoprene weights because they seem to be easier on hands. Just be sure to spray them with the bacteria agent provided (i.e. Clorox) before and after use to reduce the chance of infection. Adjustable benches are excellent for allowing you to work muscles in a variety of ways. For example, you can work your upper, mid, and lower chest by inclining and declining the bench.

Weight Machines

When you use upper-body machines for weight training (like a Total Gym), you can give your core (abs) a great workout by placing your feet close together or by lifting them off the ground. When you use lower-body machines, you can work your midsection by interlinking your fingers behind your back, or crossing your arms across your chest instead of grabbing the handles. You should also consider working two muscle groups without taking a break in order to build muscles quicker. The best way to do this is by targeting opposing muscle groups, which will prevent you from overworking any one muscle. For example, follow bench presses with lateral pull downs and leg extensions with leg curls. This also works for toning workouts for Total Gym.

Group Fitness Classes

You will probably find that you will go to the gym more consistently if you sign up for one or more classes. There are probably plenty of women’s gym workouts in your town including spinning, Jazzercise, Curves for Women, Pilates, yoga, Tae Bo, and others. A benefit in addition to going on a regular basis is that many of these classes burn calories as if you were running for 45 minutes at a pace of 10 minutes per mile (a 30-minute 5K).