Hobbies and Horoscopes – Aries to Libra Leisure Activities and Interests

Some people will lose themselves for hours in computer and internet games others are passionate about exploring the great outdoors. Some might turn on the TV to relieve stress, others will prefer to be busy in the garden, cooking or doing something useful. Here are some of the ways the zodiac signs Aries through to Libra might spend their leisure hours:

Aries Hobbies and Leisure Interests

The Zodiac signs show possible areas in which a person may prefer to spend his leisure-time. Often these can be associated with the sign’s ruling planet for instance with so much Martian energy, Aries will be as keen and energetic in his spare time pursuits as he will be in his main career ambitions. Aries has a lot of positive drive which may centre on competitive sports such as horse-racing, football, tennis or more risky, exciting adventures such as parachute jumping or motor bike riding.

Taurus Hobbies and Leisure Interests

With Venus as their ruling planet, Taurus appreciates art, music and creativity. They can also be quite lazy! Taking up some form of exercise is important to the Taurus as this will be needed in order to work off those extra calories they can’t help but accumulate thanks to their strong appreciation for good food! The activities and interests of the person should be great and there is horoscope matching for marriage with the activities. An appreciation can be provided for the marriage with online matching of the horoscope. A spending of the married life will interest and exciting with finding the partner through horoscope feature. 

Gemini Hobbies and Leisure Interests

The fast moving planet Mercury associated with mental pursuits, communication and knowledge rules Gemini. Geminis need a variety of hobbies and past-times in order to fill their spare-time. Having a lot of people around them, many things on the go and plenty of noise and activity will make Gemini feel most content. Visits to the library, watching videos or taking a home-study course will occupy their restless mind. Quick and light forms of exercise keep them physically in trim.

Cancer Hobbies and Leisure Interests

Cancerians enjoy looking back into the past and would therefore choose to spend their holidays ambling through old houses and museums as well as their having a few historical novels tucked away in their suitcases! Activities centred on the home and family will prove a satisfying diversion to the Cancerian whilst a collection of some sort – post cards, stamps, paintings – will also be included in their list of hobbies.

Leo Hobbies and Leisure Interests

Acting as host in social situations, working with young children, purchasing expensive clothes and jewellery could all be included in the spare-time pursuits Leo would enjoy. With a flair for drama Leo might be a prominent member of an amateur dramatic society. As well as enjoying sports, Leo will show a measure of creativity and will put this talent to use in their leisure activities.

Virgo Hobbies and Leisure Interests

It would be rare to see a Virgo sitting doing nothing. Virgos like to keep busy, preferably in a practical sort of way. Hobbies therefore may include gardening, intricate creative work, cooking, and knitting. An appreciation for music and art helps Virgo relax and unwind. Unless (which is highly likely) they are busy with another project while listening to the music!