How To Gain Mass

Well”there are so many guys who want to gain muscles. But a bunch of guys know how to gain muscles and science behind gaining muscles. Gaining muscles are not tough if you are going with a good diet, nutrition and workouts. If our diet and workout is correct nobody stops you to grow.

Some guys have wrong thinking about supplements. Supplements help only 15%, its pretty low but truth is a truth. You have to take more calories to grow muscles. If ur diet sucks then I am sorry you never grow. If you have to grow then you have to take more protein, carbs as well as fat. Protein helps to grow muscles. Protein is the no.1 source to gain mass.

Protein helps to repair the muscles which we breakdown in the gym with a good workout with the right equipment from and carbs is kick ass energy to push yourself in the gym to intense workout for breakdown muscles badly and then take protein to repair cells. Then that cycle is a help to grow muscles cells which we called mass growth.

The workout is one of the most important to transformation body. If you are not working hard then you may have never had results which you want. Some guys have not a good diet and depend on expensive supplements and hope to grow a mass. Supplements only help you 15% as I told you before the supplement is just a.. mind satisfaction and just nothing some supplement is useable like pre workout this supplement help to intense training, endurance, strength and focus.

This helps you to make good workout break muscles down more and post workout supplement is good for taking after a workout because after we work out our cells are breakdown and cells want immediately recovery and this recovery gives by protein. whey protein is the best supplement recovery to mass. Whey has a kick ass digest in our system it digest only in 10 to 15 minus. This gives you immediately digest and goes to our blood and recover those muscles cells which we train that day.

Most important are our HORMONES which I mean testosterone. As we all know this hormone in man body have big functional work. If our this hormone are low to normal which one of the worst thing to doing our body. This is the main reason for the growth of muscle we need to raise a high level of testosterone for growth muscles. We have to raise that hormone. Good fat is a good weapon to raise a testosterone like peanut butter, olive oil, nuts etc. Carbohydrate is a way to bulk a body and having an energy for intense workout.carbohydrete is a cheap source for consuming.