How To Get Rid Of Water Weight

Water weight is a complicated subject and one that many women are all to familiar with. It is also a condition that should be discussed with your doctor as there are many medical reasons for retaining water. In general, water weight comes from a condition in the capillaries when for whatever reason, too much water is released in the cell tissues. The lymphatic system can return a lot of fluid to the bloodstream, but again if there is an abnormality, the fluid will remain in the cells and cause swelling and congestion. There are many medical conditions that can cause water weight as well as the use of certain medications or hormones.

Water weight can also be related to insufficient proteins. We are all familiar with photos of starving children with swollen abdomens. This is actually swelling caused by water retention due to a lack of protein in the diet.

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Finally there is the all too common premenstrual retention that is so common. This may be related to hormone imbalances or a lack of b vitamins and magnesium.

One tell tale symptom of water retention is swelling in the extremeties. If your hands or ankles are puffy, you can be reasonably sure that water retention is involved.

Aside from all of those reasons, there are many dietary causes of water weight. Two common causes include too much sodium, and alcohol consumption.There have also been connections made between certain food additives and preservatives and water weight.

So how to get rid of water weight? If you have talked to your doctor and have eliminated medical causes, there are certain things you must do to get rid of water weight. A good start would be to reduce sodium in your diet, as well as food additives. The Fat Loss Factor program is a natural way to get rid of water weight. You will be avoiding excess sodium, sugars and alcohol, drinking plenty of water (I know it sounds wrong), and eating lots of protein. You will also be doing high intensity exercises to help you shed release fluids by perspiring. The grocery lists that are included with FLF contain many vegetables that are known for reducing excess fluids.

Water is essential to the human body. Drinking enough water is important both to your health and your weight goals. And yes, drinking water regularly helps to flush water out of the cells. Do not make the mistake of drinking less water although it may sound like a contradiction. Drinking water regularly is a great way to help you get rid of water weight.

Another interesting factor in water retention is the effect of dieting or reducing calories. It has been proven that when calories fall off too fast, you retain water. This is one reason why trying to lose weight fast, is not a good idea.

If you want to know how to get rid of water weight,how to lose water weight fast,lose excess body fat and feel healthier, its time to start the Fat Loss Factor program. The FLF program will help you to lose water weight and fat now and for the rest of your life.