How To Handle Uncomfortable News From A Tarot Card Reading

Have you thought about getting a reading but hesitated because the thought gave you a scary feeling, well you are not alone many people feel the same way. One reason they feel that way is because they believe that the tarot never lies. You will find that the (non-believes ) and the people that say (i don’t want a reading) are mostly because what they really should be saying is “I don’t want to find out if anything bad is going to happen.”

Most people conducting the readings make it a habit not to reveal what might be considered bad news mostly because they want your reading to be a positive and enlightening experience and not one that will leave you filled with anxieties

And fears, but they might point you in a direction that might contain some uncomfortable news that you can discover on your own.

Getting bad news can be a good thing, you may ask why and how. Knowing what’s ahead can be used in the process of enlightenment and let you know more about your life. If a tarot reading leaves you feeling bad there is yaw to get over it and feel about your reading and yourself. You will find this in the next few sections.

Card placement

A tarot reading spread will show a past, present, and future outlook, depending on where your bad or scary card shows up. If it shows up in the past then don’t worry about it because it’s now behind you and it over, if it’s in the present it means that it is moving out of your life and if in the future means that in the present situation if nothing changes the negative aspect of this reading will occur. Now that you know about a negative situation remember you have the ability of choice and you can make changes in the course of events.

Focus your thought

When you sit down for reading if a negative card appears don’t spend much time on it because too much focus can make trouble grow. Focus on the positive part of your reading and the more you focus on the positive the more it will grow and override the negative aspect of your thoughts.

Be open-minded

You don’t get a reading to find out what you already know, you get a reading to know about them now, the why, and the end result. Don’t enter with fears and expectations

Just let it go sit back and enjoy. The card always reveals an answer, but not always the answer that you want, and maybe the answer that you want may not be the best for us and the cards will tell us.

Why you should talk to the reader

Most people will tell you no today anything to your reader what is best for your reading is to let the reader ask questions and for you to give honest answers having the reader trying to guess is not good for the outcome that you may be expecting. And above all don’t be afraid to ask questions you have every right to ask as many as you like if the reader does not explain about different cards as they go.