How To Use Social media: A complete Guide

Learning how to use Pinterest is not as difficult as many make it out to be so follow these simple tips and practice them as often as possible.

Social media networking has become an integral part of the lives of millions of individuals today and social media networking that allows a user to maximize visual content makes it that much more valuable with the help of organic traffic as well as cheap tiktok likes. Pinterest, for example, is a form of social media that utilizes more of a visual method of networking than anything else and that is what has caused it to become a quickly growing social media powerhouse. When a business properly uses Pinterest for putting together an effective social media strategy, they open up marketing doors that would otherwise be impossible to open and this is going to be the focus of attention in this complete guide on how to use Pinterest for putting together your businesses social media strategy.

Creating and organizing a Pinterest account, for the purpose of organizing a social media strategy for your business is much like organizing a physical store location. It is all about making it easy for potential customers (or in the case of Pinterest, followers) to move around and locate different items as easy as possible. This will require more than just uploading pictures and pinning them to boards. You will want to create as many boards as is necessary to accommodate the different types of product pictures you are uploading to Pinterest. This truly is the equivalent of properly categorizing and sub-categorizing products on your website is an important step in learning how to use Pinterest properly.

Pinning your pictures to a board is not enough when you are using Pinterest for marketing a business. You must also properly link your pictures to the coinciding page on your website. This will allow people who click on a picture to be directed to that web page thus increasing the chances of picking up a new customer. Linking your pictures to a particular web page is simple. After you have created a picture, click on the little pencil in the top right-hand corner, and initiate the edit option for that particular picture. You will notice a section at the bottom of the page that opens titled “Source”. If this section is blank, it is where you will place the URL of the web page that contains that exact product in the picture.

It is important to remember to use the exact URL of the page that contains that exact product rather than simply placing your website’s general web address into the “Source” space. Most people who click on a linked picture are doing so intentionally. They typically want to see additional information on the product in the picture, and possibly find a way to purchase it. If they end up anywhere on your Website other than the page that contains the product in the Pinterest picture, chances are they will leave your website immediately. All you need to do to accomplish this task properly is open up your website and go to the page that contains the picture you are dealing with on Pinterest. If you simply copy the URL that shows up in the address bar of that page and paste it into the source space of that picture on Pinterest, you will have done your job properly.