I Love the Social Networking Sites (SNS)

“The comfort factor of “Hi! I am here on my own terms” is what makes the social networking

sites more special than any other aspect of our browsing experience!”

Social networking sites have become the place for the conglomeration of tens and thousands of icons: the overwhelming mass of icons representing the people from various parts of the world!

Some of the icons have human faces, but most of the icons are just icons, without any human face! There are baby icons, smiling icons, raging icons, flowery icons, frowning icons and fantastic icons…in the sea of such multitude of icons,fa you try to find your own special space for your own special icon!

SNS (social networking site) is where you comment on someone”s photo/video/text or blog and your comment gets commented on by someonelse and the chances are that a chain of comments follow right after these two comments in a colorful blend of iconic beauties!

The beauty of SNS is that we enter into a virtual world of comfort and happiness and of knowing so much about the members by going through their profile and other cool stuff, and then again, we know nothing much about anyone in anyway, not even their original names, except their icons!

May be, that’s what makes everything so special and so interesting about these websites! It becomes such a beautiful paradox that we think we know a lot about way too many people from far away places, but then again, we don’t know any of them or anything worthwhile about any one of them: that makes the networking experience so unique and wonderful!

You can talk what you want to talk, you can write what you want to write and you can merely navigate away from the site, when you are not in a mood to communicate with any one at any point of time! It’s that simple!

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In the real world, such simplicity is not possible! You are forced to smile broadly, even when you don’t want to say hello to someone! You are forced to make a small talk even when your heart cries out against talking to some one you just can’t tolerate! But, then in the physical world, social networking is much more than typing out the words or forwarding the smiley! You just have to talk and be polite and say hello to people, despite your likes and dislikes!

The comfort factor of “Hi! I am here on my own terms” is what makes the SNS sites more distinctive than any other aspect of our browsing experience!

We know and we don”t know. We know their icons but we don’t know them.

We can answer their queries, make some funny comments or just ignore them and get on with our lives!

We know people from Canada, Japan, Poland, Russia, USA (of course!), India, Singapore and Austria…and then we don’t know anyone from anywhere at all!

It’s a pure world of icons, icons and icons some more!

Despite being anonymous on the net, there is a comfort factor of getting in touch with another person from some where around the world and sharing with him/her a minuscule part of our lives!

Sometimes, things get really serious on the virtual world, forcing us to make a decision or commitment to the icon (person) in question, but blissfully, most of the time and for most of us, the communication stays firmly around knowledge, fun and frolics!

The entire day’s tension and burdens just flow away, when you switch on your system, visit your favorite site and look at the icons of your favorite people, communicating with and sharing with them your thought process with a smiley popping out of your eyes!

Happy social networking and be happier icons!