Is Your Age Ready For Bodybuilding

Regardless of one’s age, fitness and exercise are very important to live a healthy life. Most would spend hours sweating themselves through dancing while others would rather cut a big portion of their food intakes to maintain their figure. However, there are those who want to do the extreme, who take fitness seriously and doing it with such passion and determination on reaching their dream bodies; thus, they venture into bodybuilding, and platforms such as are there to help them with their dietary needs.

Bodybuilding is not just for slimming down or burning fats, it is also to increase one’s strength, promote a healthy lifestyle, to be physically fit, and acquire the body they wanted. This heavy-resistance exercise workout and program places a lot of weight on the body which may react differently depending on your age. Though we know that 20 years or 50 years old would be a good age to start or to maintain bodybuilding, it would bear better results and would also be safer when you follow the proper form of workout guidelines for your age group.

Children and Teenagers

Some teenagers and even pre-teens are already lifting weights with the goal of increasing their muscles and enhance their athletic performance. Pre-adults training guidelines should be modified since adult bodybuilding routines are too strain for pre-teens since their musculoskeletal growth hasn’t developed that much yet. It is also advised that children and teenagers who want to engage in such routines should be medically checked first, they should also begin with lighter weights to develop their proper form, and regular cardio exercise until they reach their full muscular growth to endure heavier weights.

Full Grown Muscles/Perfect Age to Lift Heavier – 20 to 29

It is with the age of 20 up to 30 that a person’s muscular growth to withstand heavier weights is reached. At 20, you can safely start gradually increasing your weights, at this point; you can lift the most weight with the shortest recovery time needed. You should take advantage of your youth since this is where you could fully develop your body into something you wanted, you could already make your body and strength immune to the physical pain and heaviness so you could already be accustomed to those routines despite aging.

When you reach the age of 30, you would need 4 days of rest to recover from each routine. The recovery periods may vary depending on how heavy the routines the person usually does; beginners may only need about two days to recover while those who lift extremely heavy weights might need as many recovery periods as possible, it would usually take seven days.

The Age to Maintain the Healthy Living and Active Routines – 30 to 49

When you are in your 30s, your muscle’s ability to recover would decrease by ten percent compared to your 20s, this is due to aging; It is advised that you reduce 5 percent of weight every ten years. The muscle recovery period may get longer from about four days at age 30 up to a minimum of seven days as you reach the age of 50. At this period, you should avoid doing the same routine when you were in your 20s, it would give you lesser results and might cause serious injuries. At this point, you should look at yourself and focus on the areas that you think you need to work on.

Reaping What You Sow – Over 50

This is the perfect age to take advantage of all your hard work! Accompanying your aging is your muscle and bone mass decreases, but bodybuilding counteracts these effects. After the age of 50, it would be necessary for you to lessen the weights but increase further the rest period, others even enter bodybuilding competitions at the age of 60 to 80 – they could maintain their strength and would actually look younger than their age.