Learn A Quick Fat Burning Routine – Check the routine 

Everyone who is busy thinks they have a perfect excuse for being out of shape. I’m here to tell you that lack of time is no excuse for being fat. You don’t need special equipment and you don’t need to be at the fitness center all day. I’m going to suggest to you my 15 minute workout that will be extremely effective in causing fat loss. This is a compact routine designed to use your own body’s weight as a tool to make you lean and fit.

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You’ll be doing three exercises with no pauses. After you have been through the circuit once, you’ll be able to rest for half a minute and then go through it again.

Make sure you push yourself to get through three complete cycles in fifteen minutes’ time. Begin by doing some body weight rows, only do them inverted.

If you don’t have a bar handy, get under a chair or a picnic table, anywhere there’s a plank you can grab.

Doing this properly, you will pull your torso up to the bar for as many reps as you can do. You’ll feel this a lot in your biceps with this exercise.

As soon as you’re done with the inverted body rows, you need to move on to do the Bulgarian style split squat.

To do this exercise, stand on 1 foot and put your back foot on a bench. Lower your hips straight down and power backup, allowing your front leg to do the work.

You’ll feel a good stretch while you are in the down position.

Make sure you do 15 of these on each side.

Next, you’re going to end this cycle by doing push-ups with a closed grip. You are going to get some more work done with your biceps like you did in the first exercise.

Just assume normal push-up position but brain your hands a little closer to each other. Do as many push-ups as you can do before you stop. Now that you’ve been through the circuit, take a very short break and go through it two more times.