You Can Loose Weight

I Lost an Average of 2.5 Pounds a Month

and it cost me nothing my bad health.

My wife, a dedicated and well respected Veterinarian, who loved her meat patties and Mexican Dishes more than me. Competitive by nature It was simple to implant a little subliminal message in her mind.

I just asked, ” How can someone work so hard all day long saving the lives of those animals society has come so dpendent on that.

morally go home and eat the very same species of beast she just cured?”

Being a vegetarian is a tough road for anyone who grew up eating juicy steaks. She has proven a few times over the years that her will power is much stronger than mine. I just never thought in my 33 years how difficult something like changing your eating habits can be.

The first month was the most difficult. The days and nights we spent eating out or pulling up to a fast food drive throughs for a quick and easy meal are in the past. No meat, meant no chicken , no seafood or anything that once lived or bled.


With 3 boys and a 2 career household we armed ourselves with protein, V8 juice and alot of days taking 2 mile walks with the kids. Usually the boys would ride bikes and my wife and I would bring the dogs on our walks. We averaged walking upto 10 miles a week.

About 3 months into our challenge my friends and co-workers began asking me if I was sick, I had already lost ten pounds. Being in health care I needed to make sure I did not have diabetes or some sort of cancer. After visitng my doctor, who took every blood test he could and assured me all the results were negative and I was just one of th elucky ones to be successful at a weight loss diet.

While there she even took me off my blood pressure medicine, She assumes it dropped with either the weight loss or the exercise. I never questioned it I just welcomed it and continued to force myself everyday to defeat my wife once and for all.

It’s been 22 months and I went from 196 pounds 5’6 unhealthy father to a 5’6 150 pound healthy father who still needs to find a solution for thinning hair.

I also consider to take effective and reliable weight loss supplements like leptoconnect. I checked some leptoconnect reviews online and the feedback of all the customers are positive. This brand is also made from all-natural ingredients so I can assure that this is very healthy and safe. 

Skeptics say it was the walking and nothing to do with the no meat diet.

I did increase my protien with peanut butter and protein bars.

My wife for some reason felt she needed to increase her carbohydrates. Her weightloss was not as successful as mine.

Although many claim secrets to loosing weight and I have yet to find scientific evidence to support my story.

I can offer you a way to try and have the same success I have. Maybe you to will see the same fortunate results I did. If you do increase your protein Please remember to drink plenty of water to help your kidneys break it down.

My stubborn wife won the contest, I could not refuse a plate of crab legs or shrimp during the Holidays.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills During the Hottest Summer Days

If you live in an older home that isn’t well insulated and has leaky windows, you may be shocked when you get that first air conditioning bill. Unless you have enough money to replace all your windows and add insulation to your house, you may be at odds about how to bring the cost down. Of course, the first course of action should be to turn the thermostat up a degree or two. If you’ve already done that, these tips worked for me without breaking my budget.   


The thing about fans is that they don’t really cool you unless you are in the room, so having fans, even ceiling fans, running all day is using more electricity than it’s worth. The best way to use fans is to have them blowing directly on you to help evaporate your perspiration and keep your body cooler. I’ve found that I can turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees if I have a fan blowing on me.   

  Room Darkening Shades

Old-fashioned pull-down shades may not be the most attractive things on earth, but they insulate better than those cute mini blinds. Be sure to get room darkening shades, because the less sunlight that comes into the room, the less heat that’s generated. Also, cut the blinds to fit snugly inside the window frame to cover all the cracks around the windows edges.   

    Insulated Drapes

Again, not the prettiest things around, and if you buy them new, they can be expensive. I got mine very cheap at a thrift store in a nice, neutral color. You can dress them up with a colorful valance made from a cut-down cardboard box and some cute cheap fabric and make matching swags for when you want them open. Be sure they cover the window completely — floor length is best — and try to find rods that allow them to wrap around the sides instead of leaving openings at either side.   


The more humid your house is, the hotter it feels. While air conditioning cools in part by removing humidity from the air, an older unit may not be very efficient at this. A dehumidifier can pick up the slack and make you feel cooler at higher temperatures. Living in humid Florida, I found this really did help keep me more comfortable and allowed me to wait longer to turn my air on when it started to get hot.   

    Rearrange Your Furniture

make sure that your furniture is arranged as close to the vents as possible. You don’t want to keep the television cool, you want to keep yourself cool. By sitting closer to the source of the cool air, you may be able to turn that thermostat up another degree or two, especially if you also have that fan blowing on you.

I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me. Doing these relatively inexpensive things can save you enough money over a season to invest in some of that insulation you need.

It becomes difficult to manage the situation when the bills start piling up but since the peak summer is quite intolerable, you can simply go for the whole hog and start searching for blaux portable ac reviews online as Blaux is the best AC brand in the market today.

Create a Sewing Space: Your Little Corner of the World

Now that you have decided to take the plunge into the sewing world, you’ll want to have a small area set up for your sewing machine and supplies.

Not all of us have the luxury of a room all to ourselves, so becoming creative in finding ways to set up easily, and then store away conveniently can be very helpful when your sewing area is the dining room table.

I sewed at my table for many years, and developed a simple system to set up my machine and supplies quickly and easily. I cleaned out a closet that wasn’t being used, and purchased a Rubbermaid 3-drawer rolling cabinet. I placed all my sewing supplies in the cabinet, and placed my sewing machine on top.

This all fit neatly into a corner of the closet, along with my folding cutting board, and ironing board. When I was ready to sew, I simply rolled out my cabinet and set up on my dining room table. Since I had little ones at the time, I also installed a simple hook and eye latch at the top of my closet door that kept out curious hands.

If you can spare a room to set up for sewing, there is a great book on the market that covers this very topic. It is entitled, Dream Sewing Spaces, by Lynette Ranney Black and Pati Palmer. It touches on every possible combination for every type of sewing venture, from garment construction, to home decor, and quilting.

When I moved my portable sewing setup to its own room, I used this book as a resource to set up my sewing space. Being on a tight budget, I purchased 3 folding tables, and used one for sewing/serging, one for a general workspace and bookshelf, and the third for a cutting and pressing table. For proper information about sewing machines, a visit can be made at site. The information provided will be true and accurate for the purchase of the product. The charges will be less in comparison to others. Thus, a visit at the site will be beneficial for the person. 

I raised the workspace table as well as the cutting/pressing table to a more convenient height by cutting 4 appropriate lengths of 1″ PVC pipe per table, and sliding them over the ends of each of the table legs, raising the tables up to a height that was kinder to my back. I made simple tablecloths and covered the tables, draping the tablecloths to the floor, allowing for some hidden storage space under all three tables.

I purchased a few more plastic cabinets and some plastic storage bins, and slid them under my tables. I visited a used office furniture store and picked up a great rolling, ergonomic office chair for a song. My biggest investment besides my sewing machine, were two Ott Lights to improve my lighting situation. Although they are pricey, the investment has been well worth it, as the lighting is color-true, and allows me to match my colors accurately, as well as providing enough light to sew into the wee hours of the night.            

A Guide on Making Your Own CBD Gummies At Home

CBD edibles are a tasty and preferred method to ingesting your every day fill of CBD. One popular CBD edible is CBD gummies. CBD gummies can be very expensive, especially if you are buying a quality one from a reputable brand. However, CBD gummies actually don’t have to be costly. 

Creating your personal edibles provides a number of unique benefits. Some of them include knowing the exact potency of your gummies, knowing what the ingredients are, and the ability to create it in any flavor that you like. Lack of knowledge on how to create one is one of the factors that stop the majority of people from making their own CBD edibles. For this reason, we are here to guide you through the steps of making your own CBD edibles. This article is about making your every own CBD edible gummies at home. On the other hand, if you want reviews of the best CBD gummies that you can buy, read the full review here.

What ingredients do you need?

Before you can create your own CDB gummies, you need to prepare the ingredients below first.

½ cup of flavored gelatin dessert

1 and ½ cup of fruit juice


CBD oil that is adequate for the dosage you want to achieve

Equipment that you need

Aside from the ingredients, you will also need the following tools for the job:

  1. Saucepan
  2. Silicone molds (as many as you like, depending on the number of gummies you want to create)
  3. Funnel
  4. Whisk
  5. Squeeze bottle

How to make your own CBD gummies

Begin making your own CBD gummies by heating the fruit juice using the saucepan. Set your to low and medium heat, and avoid using high settings because boiling it can damage the CBD or change the taste. After it is heated, add the sweetener. Whisk it slowly to properly mix the ingredients.

Add the gelatin dessert to the saucepan once the mixture is hot while continuing to whisk. Try to completely dissolve the gelatin in the mixture. After the gelatin is completely dissolved, it is now time to add CBD, and whisk again after adding it.

After the ingredients are properly mixed, pour it into the silicone molds. It is easier to do this by using a funnel or squeeze bottle. Put the molds in your refrigerator, and you are good to go!


If you don’t have enough money to purchase branded CBD edible gummies, making your own can be a good alternative. As long as you have the proper tools, correct ingredients, and knowledge on how to do so, it is possible to enjoy CBD edibles without having to purchase one. Making your own also comes with a few advantages. You will be able to choose the flavor, as an example. Some CBD edible companies only produce mainstream flavors, so making your own will allow you to create uncommon flavors for your own personal enjoyment.

I Switched from a 40-Year to a 15-Year Mortgage Without Increasing My Payment

It was always a dream of mine to switch to a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. This summer, I was able to achieve this goal for two reasons. First, I bought a house that was less expensive than the one I sold. Second, I took advantage of record-low interest rates.

I was then able to put 20 percent down on a new property, avoiding the need to pay mortgage insurance on my 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, with a rate of 2.7% APR. The upshot? I’m paying the same monthly payments for my new mortgage as I did for the old one, but now I’ll own my home in 15 years instead of 40.

I Sold My Home Above My Asking Price

Before putting my home on the market, I attended to all minor repairs, from painting the walls to pressure cleaning the driveway. As a result, the home looked at its best when it went on the market. It also helped that the real estate market revived in our neighborhood starting in April. The median sale price of homes rose from $520,000 to $535,000 then $550,000. By June, when I put my home on the market, I asked for $589,000, to account for the home improvements I had invested in the house. My home sold for $631,500, $42,500 over the asking price.

I Bought a Cheaper Home

I decided what home I could afford to buy now based on an online mortgage calculator. I wanted to put down 20% to ensure that I will not have to pay PMI, as such insurance typically costs around 1.5% of the loan amount in yearly premiums. I also wanted to be sure that I could afford to make the payments on a 15-year fixed mortgage. I also sought mortgage advice from professionals so that I will be guided accordingly on how to make the right decision. The good news was that I was able to do the right thing and I can deal with the amount of mortgage that I had to pay.

Based on the mortgage calculator, I set my price range at $400,000 to $420,000. I favored homes in the lower range, because this left me with funds for making any necessary upgrades (which are typically required in a new home). In the end, however, I found a home for $420,000 that already included all the updates I wanted.

I Locked at 2.75% APR

My credit union offered me a 3% fixed APR for 15 years. I decided to pay $6,000 to buy down the rate to 2.75%. This reduced my mortgage payment to $2,850 (including pre-paids). This was important to me since this meant that I would be paying the same mortgage amount I was used to paying before. Only before I was paying for a 40-year fixed mortgage and a 15-year fixed second mortgage, while now I would pay for a 15-year mortgage with no PMI.

How Much I Saved in Interest Payments

It’s interesting to note that with my old 4% APR 40-year fixed mortgage I would have paid $475,000 in total financing charges over the life of the loan. While with my new, 2.7% APR 15-year fixed loan I will pay a total financing charge of $81,938 over the life of the loan.

Bowling – a Great Sport for Children

It seems like everyone has their children involved in at least one sport. Soccer, baseball, softball, and volleyball are all very popular sports. Bowling is also a sport that is growing in popularity.

Bowling is a great sport for children of all ages to participate in. There are many benefits to having your children learn to bowl, benefits that last a lifetime.

Bowling is not a sport that requires great athletic ability. Yes, you do have to learn how to do it correctly but almost anyone can learn the proper form and the way to throw the ball. If your children start young, they will learn the right way to bowl and continue to improve over a lifetime.

Bowling is a team sport so children learn about working with others. They learn to support their teammates and be encouraging. They learn too that in order for their team to do well, they have to do their best. Team sports provide great life lessons for children that they can carry with them into the working world as adults. Bowling as part of a team also offers children the chance to compete against other teams and learn about winning as well as losing. When they lose, they learn about being a good sport.

Bowling is a sport where you are part of a team but you also are competing with yourself. You have to work hard to continue to improve your performance and be better for yourself, not just for the team. Bowling challenges children to do their best and to work hard on their individual game. Sports like soccer and volleyball do not offer as much opportunity for self-improvement and reflection on your own individual game.

Bowling is a sport children can participate in through local bowling centers as well as through schools. Many schools have a bowling team that competes against other local schools. Bowling scholarships are available for bowlers of all ages through tournaments. Bowling scholarships for exceptional high school students can also be obtained from local bowling associations.

Bowling is a sport that children can continue to participate in through adulthood. Many young people start off bowling as children and then continue by bowling in adult leagues in their area. Bowling provides great social interaction for adults and is a fun sport for individuals and couples to participate in. You’ll see all sorts of people bowling; it is not an elitist sport at all.

Bowling provides many opportunities for children to learn new skills, learn about teamwork and to even get scholarships for college. Bowling is a sport that they can continue to do as adults as well.

All in all, bowling is purely a game of skills that tests your concentration power and the agility of your hands that makes you a competent player and you just need to find the best urethane bowling ball for you in order to grasp the essentials through regular practice.

Clash Royale: Win Every Attack with these Strategies

Take Advantage, Don’t Be Afraid

One of the things that you need to understand in playing Clash Royale is that taking the King Tower down of your opponent will give you the highest chances of winning. Hence, don’t be afraid to take advantage. When your troops were able to move on to the king tower of your enemy, you should keep in mind that the counter action of your opponent would be working on one of your outer towers. But it should not bother you at all. Just let them! This would mean in your side that they will be away from their king tower. O take advantage of this. You can lose your tower but your eyes are already on the prize.

Don’t Be Afraid To Wait

Another thing that you should not be afraid of is to wait. It is given that the battle will be an intense moment. It would become even more intense if you see your opponent having some units out there smashing your towers. When this happen, you might feel pressured also you would rush your troops out to fill the void. But that is not a good decision to make. You don’t have to rush. You just have to wait. Using your complimentary units, you can do a concerted attack so it would be more effective. So you have to wait it if you can. 

Know Your Cards

Knowing your cards is also very crucial for you to win in the game. You have to set your decks for you to have wide range of complimentary cards. You can also utilized your ranged units to back up your melee unites. Learning your cards will give you an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of every unit. Hence, you can create an effective and strategic positioning. To learn more about decks, you can visit this site:

Understand Elixir

As a player, it is important to know that Clash Royal is a kind of RTS. Basically, RTS are resource-based games. So, when playing Clash Royal, the main focus and question is elixir. The game requires you to make a lot of decisions based on that essential concept. So, as a rule of thumb, using four elixir fireball spell for you to do 6 elixir worth of damage to the enemy troops, then do it. As long as it will give you more advantage, then you should not hesitate doing it. After all, it is all about winning.

Be Mindful of the Time

Last tip on our list is to keep your eye on the clock. Technically, at half minute, the elixir starts to fill twice as quickly so you might be under pressure. At the end of the 3 minutes, whoever has more crowns will be declared as the winner. So if you are working in kind Tower when you see that the time is almost up, you should make a sneak attack on one of the outer towers so you can win at the end.

Top-notch things to know before buying Bluetooth Adapter Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users have become habitual in wearing a USB headset and having a pair of speakers. In comparison to speakers, these provide an excellent gaming experience but still involve a cable that could make it tangle. The cable can limit your options. Also, USB headsets require a USB port and not the Nintendo’s Switch unpowered port. A Bluetooth adapter can help in eliminating the use of wires, and you can make use of high-quality Bluetooth headsets. Before buying, you must check out the guide to buy the best Bluetooth adapter Nintendo switch. 

  • Bluetooth Adapter types

There are main primary differences that make a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth different from other generic Bluetooth adapters. Those differences are the form factor, the input, and the firmware. The input is the main thing that matters as not all the Bluetooth adapters accept Type-C connection to start. Firmware is another consideration because most of the Bluetooth adapters are designed mainly for connectivity and not for audio. The next one is the right form factor, no doubt, there are larger USB adapters available for PCs and laptops, but they are too immense for Nintendo Switch controller. Dedicated Nintendo Switch controllers are primarily designed to be dense and tight for the bottom of the controller. 

  • Setting Expectations

It would help if you clarified in your mind about what quality sound you should get before buying a USB Bluetooth adapter. Nintendo switch is limited as it doesn’t support 7.1-channel simulated sound. This means that the famous “7.1-channel” headsets are not going to provide you with actual sound. The only thing left is that you are using the headsets that provide built-in simulated enclose sound. You need to set your expectations before you start judging the audio quality of headphones.

  • Rayvol Bluetooth adapter

The best thing about Rayvol Bluetooth is it has a unique and charming design. It is designed in a way to look like a controller having a gray and black pattern. Retro gamers would love the design and look of this adapter. It has a dual-channel operation, which means you and your friends can connect their headphones together. Sometimes, it might get confusing as there are no LED indicators that can make you confuse. Also, it doesn’t have a built-in microphone, which is somewhat disappointing. It limits the options for players. 

  • HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch 

This Bluetooth Transmitter is small that can help to connect to Switch’s USB type-C. Also, it packs a good amount of information into a small display. There are LED indicators, 9 different colors, and a dual-channel. This Bluetooth transmitter has a great impact on social gaming as it is designed in a way to play together with your friends. The best thing about this transmitter is that it has a built-in mic. The one negative thing is that it doesn’t connect through Switch casings, but most people won’t even notice this limitation.

  • ZIOCOM Bluetooth adapter 

The popular ZIOCOM Bluetooth adapter has a red tri-ton, a black and blue design that matches with the coloring of the Switch. Connectivity is quite easy as it is designed to support dual-audio channels, which means you can play with your friends and each one having their own private channel. It doesn’t have a built-in mic but supports two-way audio. It has the latest 5.0 technology and has a USB Type-A to Type-C adapter that allows you to use microphones when the Switch is on charging.

The final verdict

Choosing a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter can be quite challenging as they all are quite similar. They support dual-channel connections, use the same codecs, and have different varieties of colors. But there are some key considerations that can help us to decide. As mentioned above, the Ravyol adapter, HomeSpot adapter, and the ZIOCOM adapter have some positive and negative sides. Ravyol adapter has a good design but doesn’t offer any such functions. The HomeSpot adapter is a top choice because of its display and layout of controls. On top of all, it has a built-in microphone which is most wanted. At last, the ZIOCOM adapter which is the top choice for some people if the Switch has a protective case. It has a convenient display and is one of the adapters that have a great market.

Keep the Doctor Away with This Guide to Apples’ Nutritional Content

Fresh apples are one of the most appealing foods in nature. These ten top facts about fresh apples will help you get to know this appetizing and nutritious fruit. From the truth about the nutritional content of fresh apples to tips on keeping them in top shape to fun facts about the apple plant and blossoms, this guide to fresh apples will give you everything you need to better appreciate this unique fruit.

FACT #1:

Smart serving and storage extends the shelf life of fresh apples, and keeps slices from browning on your plate.

To keep fresh apples appealing, crunchy, and, well, fresh, follow these tips. Keep them in the fridge, and cut them directly before serving. Refrigeration can make fresh apples last up to ten times longer than they would if left on your counter or in a cupboard, and leaving them intact helps seal them from moisture. Once you’ve cut an apple, dip the fresh apples slices in a mixture of one part citrus juice (lemon, lime or even orange) and three parts water. The acidic content of the citrus will halt the process of oxidation, which is what makes fresh apples turn brown. A simple guide will be provided to the person to know about the best prebiotic supplements with daily meals. The content information should be provided to the person so that the amount of the benefits will be enough for the person. The following of the instructions will be beneficial to get the desired results. 

FACT #2:

Apples are one of the few fruits or vegetables that are grown in all fifty states in the U.S.

No wonder bushels of fresh apples are a part of our nation’s most patriotic pie!

FACT #3:

The nutritional content of fresh apples can definitely help keep the doctor away.

From a nutritional standpoint, fresh apples live to their reputation as a great, healthy food. Apples are naturally free from fat, sodium and cholesterol. One medium sized apple contains about five grams of fiber and just eighty calories! Because they’re so full of great nutrients, fresh apples have been linked to health advantages like lower blood pressure and greater physical stamina.

FACT #4:

Fresh apples are the result of lots of care and time.

An apple tree has to mature for four or five seasons before it begins to produce fruit. These are the most delicate and fragile years of its life, which means fresh apples are the product of lots of nuturing attention from farmers.

FACT #5:

Most fresh apples in America are eaten as-is.

By most reckonings, over sixty percent of the apple crop grown in the United States is eaten fresh, raw, and unprocessed. About twenty percent of U.S. grown apples end up as juice or cider, and the rest are made into applesauce, baked into pies, or used to make other apple-licious treats.

FACT #6:

You can get your daily fruit servings from an apple pie.

One nine inch apple pie contains an average of two whole pounds of fresh apples. That’s a bit over ten standard half-cup sized servings of fruit. So, if you cut your pie into ten slices, each one is packed with enough fresh apples to be a full serving of fruit, according to the food pyramid dietary guidelines.

FACT #7:

Fresh apples float in water.

Fresh apples are buoyant because approximately one quarter of their total volume is made up of air.

FACT #8:

Fresh apples are an enduring part of the American landscape.

Settlers brought apple seeds with them to America, and planted them in New England as early as 1630. Because they were one of the earliest crops to flourish all across the U.S., fresh apples are an iconic part of American life, so it makes plenty of sense that traditional apple based treats would show up in our annual fall festivals like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

FACT #9:

Fresh apples are the cousins of roses.

The trees that produce fresh apples are actually a member of the rose family. With a pedigree like that, it’s little wonder that the beautiful apple blossom is the official state flower of Michigan. The delicate flowers are tinted a light pink when they open, but the petals gradually become a stunning, pure white.

FACT #10:

Fresh apples come in all sizes.

An average sized apple weighs about 132 grams, or about a third of a pound. The largest apple ever picked weighed nine times that much, clocking in at just a bit over three whole pounds!

All About Summer Perfumes

Some fragrances are especially designed for summers. Every season has its own specialty and summer is no different. A number of things change in summers from the food to the clothes. Everything changes and so does the perfumes. Some perfumes are exclusively prepared for the summer months, to make summers all the more beautiful.

It is not necessary that a particular perfume will smell the same on everyone. This is because everyone has their own skin chemistry and that determines the effect of the perfume on your body. Your skin chemistry may be altered during summers. The way a perfume will wear on you depends on the dryness of your skin. It also depends upon the amount of time you spend under the sun.

This would require you to take a sun screen when you are out during peak summers where you start sweating profusely within a few minutes but perfumes also come in handy when you bathe your entire body with it before putting your feet out of the house

A winter perfume may not work together at all in summer months. This is because our dressing style changes in summers. We wear lighter clothes in summers and that is the reason that summer fragrances are lighter. On the other hand, winter perfumes are quite heavy and dark. This is the reason that winter perfumes won’t work in summers and vice versa.

Summer is the time for fun and thus you can look out for some trendy perfumes. Choose a light perfume after all summer is all about being light!

Various types of summer perfumes are available. Fruity-floral perfumes are the flavor of the season. Fascinating floral smells are mixed with characteristic fruity fragrance. The popular perfumes in this category are “Sugar” from Fresh and “Sunset Heat” from Escada. One of the most popular citrus scents nowadays is “Little Italy”. This is from Bond No. 9. This perfume is ideal for you if you wish to buy one from the perfume boutique.

Carol’s Daughter also offers a huge range of fruity-floral perfumes. The perfumes can be purchased online from sites like Sephora which is a huge perfume website. Groove is one of their popular perfumes which smell of cherry and peach. The moment you put this perfume, you can’t think of anything but summer.

There’s nothing to worry in case you are not too fond of fruity floral perfumes. You can go for the light florals instead. Some the popular fragrances in this category are Very Irresistible from Givenchy, Goddess from Baby Phat and Chelsea Flowers from Bond no. 9. These light fragrances are usually preferred by girls, but they are ideal for boys too especially in summers.

Perfumes from Calvin Klein are known for their great smell. These are the right ones for you in case you don’t want girly fragrances. These perfumes are cross gender. In case your eyes are blindfolded, it will be difficult for you to tell whether it’s an aftershave or cologne.

The type of fragrance is different for summers and winters. Eau-de-parfums and perfumes are ideal for winter months. They last longer and are also heavier. Eau-de-toilette and cologne are preferred in summers. However they are not too long lasting and you need to refresh them from time to time. We sweat a lot in summers and that is the reason that the fragrances need to be used frequently.

Eau-de-toilette and colognes do not have a long lasting smell however their fragrance is something that makes them so desirable. You need not worry in case your favorite cologne does not last long. You can buy a similar fragrance body lotion and cream. You can put them first and then spray the cologne. The fragrance will definitely last longer this way.