Pendulum Energy And The Tarot – Know about the card reading

I’ve had a many year interest in energy, particularly as it relates to the earth. (See my post on energy work in Port Townsend, Washington). This interest goes back to the healing energies I learned while working with Jessica Macbeth.

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I haven’t done much with earth energy for a long time, but rediscovered my interest after reading Rustus’ posts on his energy grid project. (he’s @Different_Path on Twitter). And of course, who isn’t interested in Glastonbury Tor, a major energy center and ley line.

The Washington and energy grid projects got me thinking about the actual energy of Tarot cards, and whether each card or the suits themselves have an energy that can be plotted. Once my mind grabbed hold of the idea, I got out my pendulum and let the energy pull me along.

Here are my discoveries, and I hope to hear about yours.

First, I divided a deck (Tarot of the White Cats) into five piles, one for each suit and the fifth for Major Arcana. Next, I held the pendulum over each pile, asking it to trace the energy pattern of the suit. The image shows what I found.

  1. Wands were a beautiful flower-like pattern, getting bigger and bigger the longer I held the pendulum over them.
  2. Pentacles were a counter-clockwise circle, growing larger and then smaller.
  3. Cups were a straight line, right to left that never deviated from that plane.
  4. Swords began as a straight line but then went “north” and “south” of horizontal, then back to horizontal.
  5. Majors made an interesting pattern that started with a vertical straight line and then moved in a diagonal across the vertical, both left and right.

I’m not sure where all this is taking me, but for today I’m happily moving down new paths that tie together Earth and Tarot in a magical way.

If you decide you’d like to try this with your Tarot deck and pendulum (or other energy tool), please post your findings here. Am really interested in comparing notes.