Pointers On How To Keep Your Covid Exposure To A Minimum When Travelling For A Holiday

The pandemic is putting a very 2020 wrinkle in conventional holiday plans, as it has done with anything else this year. Family get-togethers that used to be unavoidable have become risky. This year’s holiday travel seems to be special. Tell us about your plans, and By The Way we provide you with safety tips and expert advice.  In the United States, the festive season is traditionally the highest travel season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, millions of Americans board flights, trains, and automobiles to visit families.

Most aircraft are fitted with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, rendering the air in aircraft much healthier than in many other interior air. To avoid wasting time in airports, choose nonstop routes or flights with shorter layover periods. The maze of people scattered around the room and gathered at check-in lines and waiting area, some impersonated as they queue for their planes with food or drinks, raises the risks. To avoid wandering around or losing their masks while in the air, enable kids to eat and use the toilet before landing. Open your aerial vent throughout the flight; the concentrated gust of air that comes out produces an invisible wall for both you and other passengers.

Check the most recent COVID-19 prices, both nationwide and by state, to help you prepare your route or determine if the trip is worthwhile. You can set up reminders on your phone to notify you if you’ve been in contact with someone who has the virus. In additional to the masks (remember that the Concurrent powers several layers), good, regular hand – washing (and, in an emergency, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol) should be implemented, as well as social distancing.

Although recent research indicate that flying is better than going to the grocery store with proper precautions, road trips gain greater control over avoiding interaction with people along the way. If you rent an RV or caravan van with a kitchen and bathroom, you’ll have much more freedom. 

Going to travel with snacks is a given, but in a disease outbreak situation, you’ll want to avoid making unnecessary stops along the way. Bring a mobile refrigerator and stock up on snacks in the car, especially those that won’t encourage family members to lick their fingers. By following these safety tips you can now enjoy the Best Things to Do in Miami.