Pros And Cons Of Bodybuilding Growth Hormone

The application of bodybuilding growth hormone also called Human growth hormone (HGH) was first used few decades ago remedy deficiency of growth hormone. The treatment took wide spread use when it was learned that it could be taken by an ordinary person who wants to improve his lean physique and to attain stamina, youthful look, and strength. There are many experiments that suggest the hormone causes immense physical changes in athletes and bodybuilders.

It is difficult to talk about growth hormones in technical terms because most of the readers are laymen that won’t understand it but when you want to retain a muscled frame with youthful looks that makes you look young, then you may lookup 10 Best Testosterone Booster Brands Compared to one another but a better alternative to be to read about the pros and cons given below.


Bodybuilding growth hormone is the basis for growth and maintenance in bodybuilders’ body structure. It is responsible for the various metabolic cycles like carbohydrate metabolism and fat metabolism. As you grow up, your growth hormone decreases and this results in loss of muscles. Often, this is accompanied by fat storage in your body which may cause loss in body strength. The use of bodybuilding growth hormone is intended to reverse or arrest totally these changes and this gives an edge to athlete in sporting competition. Many athletes use injections for this purpose to introduce this hormone into their bodies.


Apart from its benefits, there are some disadvantages associated with it, like it is banned by WADA and NCAA and many other organizations for sports. If someone is found to be using this banned substance, he or she would be charged with doping violation and consequently banned from engaging in sports for a certain time. Thus, if you are a bodybuilder, it is not advisable for you to use bodybuilding growth hormone as it may drop curtains on your career for life.

Though there are reports and experiments showing that these HGHs do increase the body weight for those who are fed up with their lean structures, it is not clear yet if it really gives bodybuilders edge over their fellow competitions. Increase in body weight does not mean that there is a corresponding increase in power or stamina. To achieve power and strength, regular training or workout at gyms is required.

Thus, the potential benefits of bodybuilding growth hormone are fewer if compared to its side-effects.

There are injections which are used to raise the level of these bodybuilding growth hormones in the blood for a good period of time above your normal level. This is not a wise decision if someone wants to bring his HGH back to the level of present in young adults. The reason is that these hormones have their own side effects. One of the effects is that it prevents fat storage or increase in muscles. Inoculation of Bodybuilding growth hormones is cited to have a bad effect on your heart functionality too. Some other negative effects include depression, thyroid problems, diabetes and many other problems like these. Some physical changes might be permanent though some minor changes could be reversed.

Note that some of these hormones are prohibited, thus there are chances that they will be counterfeited which could be more dangerous. Also, its non-availability on the market could be costly enough and so you may pay a high price to acquire bodybuilding growth hormone.