Rust- Video Gaming for Technicians

When you have certain things to try out this season, just go for the whole hog whether it is in professional life or personal life but we shall stick to the latter for the time being and that too without going into family squabble, arguments, tensed relations or anything of the sort.

This is going to be an entertaining article where you will get to know about a game that not many people are aware of but it will give you goose bumps even though old school video games have gone out of fashion but in this era of mobile games, it has its own place among the elite list that includes the likes of AFK Arena and PUBG.

The video game Rust is a popular venture that we shall get to learn about because it deserves to be better known than it is at the moment but its history is pretty recent where you can learn about the difficulties that the makers went through in releasing it but ultimately it was well worth the wait.


Rust is a survival game where the protagonist has to keep going with the struggles meted out by destiny until he reaches the final destination but the journey is replete with numerous challenges and obstacles where you also get to learn many things on the way.

The initial release for Rust was to have been 2013 but Face Punch Studios, its developer was embroiled in a legal battle over a rival company regarding the name where the matter was fought in court for many years until finally after clearing all the legal hurdles, it was launched in 2018.

This means that it is barely 2 years and this venture has already become a huge success despite it being relatable to the games mentioned above with some changes to the story of course.

An interesting thing about Rust is that it was launched only on Microsoft Windows and MACOS while it was scheduled to have new versions on Xbox and PlayStation 4 in 2020 itself but a global pandemic stalled the plans for the time being, thereby putting the project on the backburner.

Worthy Choice

Now the question on whether Rust is a worthy gaming choice or not is something that many people argue about where different opinions pop up because those accustomed to PUBG, AFK Arena and their ilk won’t find it as interesting while others are willing to give it a chance as they know that it is quite different in output.

This does not take away from the merit of the game because you can easily download rust cheats from its main page and start playing it on your own to know how it is different from its counterparts.

You have a bow and arrow for weapons with wild animals as predators that want to stall you in your quest that includes lions, tigers, wolves, hyenas and bears so you can understand the long haul involved where only a truly brave player can scrape through the wilderness until you reach your goal.