Social Media Management – What are the benefits to the people?

Let us plan, create, co-ordinate and manage your social media channels and marketing strategy for you.

Below is a sample package of how we can impliment and manage your social media marketing campaign. Please bear in mind that we assess all businesses on their own merit and needs and taylor packages to suit.

Facebook is the largest and fastest growing social network in the world. It took television 50 years to reach 1 million viewers, Facebook added 100 million users in 9 months! The first time a potential client comes to your page they will see that you mean business. We will create a custom page that emulates your websites look and feel and represents your business. This includes your logo, branding, colours, business information, newsletter sign-up form and any content you love from your website custom coded to display on facebook.

Twitter is a hive of constance activity, a place to leave your message, promote your business and connect with people all over the world in a way never possible before. Its important to be represented on twitter in the correct way. Twitter doesn’t have the privacy controls, images, videos and visual interaction that other channels do. Its 140 characters at a time of micro-blogging. We will create your custom profile to represent your business in the right way. The management of money is effective while a person buy tiktok followers instantly. The followers can be converted in the real and loyal customers of the business. The representing of the brand at the platform is great to get the desired results. The creation of the account is there at the social media platform to get the benefits. 

Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world behind google.Yes I said search engine! Youtube is no longer just a place for funny video clips and promoting your garage band. Its a place where people come for information, education and entertainment. You need your business on youtube. We will create your YouTube account and your unique YouTube channel, customize your channel to suit your brand and create a professional promotional video for your business and upload to YouTube.

Next we provide you/your web developer with the correct code and links to integrate your social profiles straight into your website. This is a major part of building your social profile. Think about how often a customer comes to your site to look at your latest products? Once a week? Once a month? If your not in touch with your prospective customer on a regular basis….its more like once or twice a year! Facebook lets them connect with your web content without even coming to your site. No longer is our main focus on simply driving traffic to our site and hoping people buy, the fundimental shift in social media marketing is about driving our content to our customers where they already are. Facebook, twitter, youtube. Thats where your online customer hang out, thats where we put your business.

  • Next we go to work on building your social profile.

Co-ordinate your special offers, site promotions, products and service with your social media channels. Posting content on facebook and twitter on a regular basis and spreading the word about your company through social media. We integrate your youtube video into your facebook page and interlink all your social media channels for anyone to follow you from anywhere!