Stop Swollen Elbow Pain In Just 2 Steps – Follow the essential steps for effective results!!

There can be many reasons for swollen elbow pain but there is one thing for certain – you have damaged the muscles and tendons that attach at your elbow.

When any part of your body experiences swelling, it’s a sign that the muscles or tendons have suffered some sort of trauma. This could be anything from going beyond or being stretched beyond their normal range, receiving a hard blow or strike. The third possible reason why you have pain in your elbow is from performing repetitive tasks or actions over an extended period of time.

Before you are able to successfully decrease any swelling or inflammation in your elbow, you should identify which side of your elbow is swollen. Is it on the inside or outside of your elbow? Inner elbow inflammation is associated with a golfers elbow injury and outer elbow pain and inflammation is a sign of tennis elbow.

For the purpose of this article we will focus on treating the swelling associated with tennis elbow. You most likely suffered your injury from doing repetitive movements with your arm that have finally caught up with you and caused wear, tear and strain on your extensor tendon that attaches at your elbow.

Any sort of activity or action where you constantly have to extend your wrist combined with arm/elbow rotation puts extreme pressure on your forearm muscles and tendons. Over time, a small tear develops and this is when you start to experience your swollen elbow pain and start looking for tennis elbow pain relief.

If you are like most people, you’ve probably been washing down anti-inflammatory pills to try and get some sort of pain relief. This is fine but remember this is only a temporary fix. Once the swelling and inflammation has set in, you need to take proactive measures to repair your injured muscles and tendons.

The right treatment will completely eradicate the possibility of tennis elbow in your life. The procedure is to be understood through the people to perform the exercises. The involvement of the time and efforts should be proper to get the right results in reduction of pain. 

There is a quick 2 step remedy that will help decrease your swelling and pain. All you need are 2 deep buckets or pales that you can immerse your arm up past your affected elbow. Fill one of them with hot water and the other with cold water. Start by dipping your injured elbow in the hot water and keep it immersed for 1 minute, then immediately pull it out and dip it in the cold water for 1 minute. The next round is 2 minutes in each and then a third round of 3 minutes per hot and cold water.

What you really need to do to fully recover so you can flush the pills down the toilet, is start a home rehab program for your tennis elbow injury. There is no need to waste your hard earned cash on Doctors, elbow braces, Physiotherapy, cortisone shots or medications when there is an easy, at home treatment system alternative that has been proven to work!

If you’ve had enough of your tennis elbow injury preventing you from performing the most basic daily tasks or activities, click on the button below where you will learn 5 simple steps to stop the pain in your swollen elbow quickly from home.