Stretchmarks Scars Treatment Laser – Learn About Scars

New! the Scientia Stretchmarks Scars Treatment Laser – an incredible advancement low level laser treatment which make it possible for you to augment collagen levels in your skin without actual trauma, pain or healing time.

At the homepage, the treatment of laser is the perfect one. There are advanced technology available for the treatment of acne and other scars. The removing of the dark circle is possible for the people with more benefits on the face and health.

The Scientia Stretchmarks Scars Treatment Laser is a hand held gadget bearing lasers of four unique wave lengths. Multiwave length lasers organically improve collagen creation within the skin, which incites the reduction of small creases, enhanced skin condition and suppleness.

What causes scars, stretch marks, lines and noticeably aging skin?

A lack of collagen! If your body were able to naturally produce larger amounts of collagen, then they wouldn’t appear. You would enjoy radiant, smooth, younger-looking skin, and with the Stretchmarks Scars Treatment Laser, you can.

The Scientia DermaRoller is a product which encourages collagen and elastin creation in the dermis, but not every one is comfortable with the thought of the tiny needles on the dermaroller. In actual fact, derma rollers can be used with relative comfort, but with a handheld Scientia Skin Laser you can get similar effects with no discomfort, no down time and with zero physical contact with the skin.

There have been in excess of 2000 medical studies of Low-Level laser treatment or laser photon therapy reported internationally proving noticeable effects. Utilising this high degree of technical info, we have developed a multi-wave length laser to get to individual layers of the skin with nominal wastage by water, melanin or haemoglobin. This leads to the full level of photons penetrate into the individual levels of the dermis so as to induce these outstanding benefits.

The equipment itself is compact and uncomplicated. It emits at wavelengths of 670 nm, 780 nm, 830 nm and 910 nm for perfect exposure of the individual skin levels.

What conditions can be taken care of using the Scientia Skin Laser

All conditions which can be made better by a greater amount of collagen and elastin can be undertaken through use of the Scientia Skin Laser. Due to this fact, these problems are suitable for treatment:

  • Acne scars and active acne.
  • Stretch marks / Stretchmark scars.
  • Burn scars, surgery scars, abrasion scars and all other forms of scarring.


  • Wrinkles such as thin lines, creases, and crow’s feet.
  • Ageing spots, uneven skin, loose skin.
  • Pimple marks, blemishes, and pore problems.

How to use the Scientia Skin Laser

The Scientia Skin Laser is very simple to use. Switching the on/off button will turn the laser on for cordless use. While the session is over, the product can be recharged with the A/C power adapter boxed with the device. The laser even has a proximity sensor so that no light is emitted unless it is next to your skin. This guarantees that it is not possible to shine/direct the lasers into your eyes by accident.

You simply run the unit above the skin to be improved, slowly and thoroughly. You can choose to improve precise places, or otherwise move the laser across the entire area.

The Scientia Skin Laser’s lights bring about mitochondria activity inside the skin, which instigates ATP production. The mitochondria are the power sources of your skin’s cells and more activity assists in many cell processes. Consider it as charging up the batteries within your skin. Using this improved amount of energy your skin is able to provide a greater amount of collagen and more elastin which are accountable for skin health and youthfulness. A low amount of collagen and elastin is clearly visible in skin which has become wrinkled and has aged. Collagen re-activates blood vessels and plays a role in tissue re-conditioning and improvement.

How is the Scientia Skin Laser

Firstly, the Scientia Skin Laser is a worldwide first patented usage of multiwave-length portable Skin Laser devices at home. This means that your skin is affected at four different levels for considerably more extensive exposure. Secondly, the Scientia Skin Laser uses vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) as opposed to the lower-value and less effective edge emitting lasers. VCSEL Lasers are able to be installed closer together, use less power and are more transportable. The end result is a more compact, portable and efficient Skin Laser.

Are there any alternative names for this form of treatment?

Low-level laser treatment has in the past been referred to as laser acupuncture, low-power laser therapy, soft laser, cold laser therapy, therapeutic laser or the bio stimulation laser. All of these phrases used relate to the same ideas. This technology should not be linked with laser hair epilation, or the type of hot laser treatment which brings on a physical strain to the skin so as to generate collagen.

Is the Scientia Stretchmarks Scars Treatment Laser safe to use?

Yes! This device enjoys FDA approval, CE Mark as a medical product, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485. You can be utterly sure that this product is of the best standard and has been built with your security and skin rejuvenation goals in mind.

Could there be any reason why I should not utilise the Scientia Skin Laser

Because of your security, the Scientia laser for skin should not be used by people with any electric aids inside their body, for example a pacemaker. Equally, any people using electronic medical equipment fixed to the body, for example an electrocardiogram.

We would also advise against the use of the Scientia Anti-Aging Laser if:

  • You are currently ill from a high fever.
  • You are ailing from problems as a result of allergies.
  • You have any instance of a tumour.
  • You have undergone extended steroid use.
  • You suffer from liver trouble with evidence of dilation of capillary vessels.
  • You have allergies from metals.
  • You suffer from facial numbness.
  • You suffer from haemophilia.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You are 12 years old or younger.

Are there any regions of my body that I should not make use of the Scientia Skin Laser

You should use the Scientia Stretchmarks Scars Treatment Laser Treatment product on eyes or eyelids, still-healing wounds or lesions, sunburn, or your mouth

What is boxed with my Scientia Skin Laser

The Scientia Skin Laser is packaged complete with an instruction sheet and either a UK or USA power cable depending upon the delivery address you specify. Should you decide you would like the other power cable, feel free to e-mail your request across and we will do our utmost to help. The power cable is to charge the unit, which is a handheld, no cable product. Also, we offer free world-wide delivery all with tracking and insurance.

This device has a 1 year warranty and a 6 month results-based guarantee. If you use the Skin Laser at least 3 times a week for six months, you WILL have discernible hair advancement or your money back. So purchase with no worries.

Say farewell to highly priced topical treatments, or unneeded medications. Low-level laser therapy has been giving patients with incredible results for more than 20 years. However, it has mostly been done only by top-end clinics and has not been available as a home option.

So if you’re looking for an easy, affordable and pain-free way of repairing your skin in the comfort of your own home, you’re in the right place.