The Best Lower Ab Exercises – Check The Exercises!!

lower ab exercises

The lower abdominals can be the hardest part of the stomach to get toned. The best lower ab exercises will be a combination of fat burning and effective exercise techniques. This is how we will turbo charge our results. Using the best techniques we can get a,

* Great looking stomach

* Better posture

* Get Rid of Your Self Consciousness

The Secret Method

To get fast track results we have to use two techniques together. What we will be doing is attacking the unwanted fat from off the top and building up strong toned muscle from beneath. This is how we half the amount of time it takes. The plan then is to use killer lower ab exercises with interval training. First lets look at how we can do interval training

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Jump Rope

Skipping is one of the most beneficial all body workouts there is. All interval training the same. You never want the body to get used to the pace. Always keep it changing. Skipping is one of the best all over body exercises there is.

Interval Training In The Pool

The principle of interval training is the same with any form of exercise. There is no negative movement in swimming which is why you do not feel sore the next day. Again it is better to do short intervals of sprint training, mixing up different styles to get the best results.

Lower Ab Exercises

This lower ab exercise should always be used in ab work. Begin in the supine position (lying completely flat on the floor. Lift the straight legs slowly off the ground until they are a 90 degree angle, hold for a breath and slowly lower back down, however do not let the legs touch the floor. Aim to do sets of 15-30. When you get more advanced you can add weight to your feet. This is like using weights on any other part of the body it will build the muscle faster.

The Core Position

This core position is often over looked but it is a great lower ab position. Start on your hands and knees, go into a press up position, however hold the position on your elbows. Aim for 30-60 seconds at a time. Once you get stronger, you will be able to go for longer periods. The plank is a great exercise to carve out the abs.