Top 5 Virtual Data Rooms

iDeals Virtual Data Room

One of the best- and well-known virtual data room in the marketplace is the iDeals Virtual Data Room. This software is a secure tool used for collaborating and sharing critical documents of the business. This tool also allows businesses to share files without any worries because of its strong security. iDeals offers wide variety of security features such as sing sign-on, 2 step verification, data encryption and fence view feature and so many more. All of these features will allow you to have a high-quality protection for you documents and information.


Firmex is another virtual data room that can also offers great features. This virtual data room ius used for different processes of the business including litigation, compliance and diligence. If you are very particular with protection and security, this software is the best pick for you. It is highly secure and it utilizes document control and DRM like dynamic watermarks, custom permissions, lock-down files and document expire. With this, it is fair to say that Firmex is the best tool consider for transmitting, exchanging and collaborating sensitive and confidential documents. It has also specific solutions for biotech, investment banking, energy, and legal industries. 

Vitrium Security

Vitrium security is another virtual data room that can be sued by businesses to store their data and documents securely and well protected. This software secures the business videos, documents, documents and other files. If you are a publisher, distributor or a content creator who want to protect all of your files, then this is the best platform for you. This tool ensures high quality of security and it appies several levels of stringent measures such as man-in-the-middle and military grade encryption. On top of that, most of the files stored in the platform are also very easy to access.


One of the main reasons why businesses shift from traditional physical data room to virtual realm is to get rid of paperwork and to achieve a more efficient paper free process. Hence, that is the main goal of eFileCabinet. This software gears towards growing and small businesses but it can also be sued by enterprises that deal with large volumes of information. Business can choose the capacity of storage. This software offers different integrations to make the data migration more efficient. Another great thing about this virtual data room is that it also provides an on-premise deployment option.


Last on our list is the Datasite virtual data room. This software is designed to provide solution for compliant due diligence and security. If you are looking for a platform that can speed up projects like merger and acquisition, this platform is certainly the best tool for you. The development of this software incorporated direct inputs from customers and the perceived ease of use and usefulness of VDR from businesses. Some of the main functions of Datasite include folder indexing, file organization, integrated redaction, activity tracking, optical character recognition and online file sharing. For more insights about the best virtual data rooms, you can check some Reviews of Data Room Software online.