Top-notch things to know before buying Bluetooth Adapter Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users have become habitual in wearing a USB headset and having a pair of speakers. In comparison to speakers, these provide an excellent gaming experience but still involve a cable that could make it tangle. The cable can limit your options. Also, USB headsets require a USB port and not the Nintendo’s Switch unpowered port. A Bluetooth adapter can help in eliminating the use of wires, and you can make use of high-quality Bluetooth headsets. Before buying, you must check out the guide to buy the best Bluetooth adapter Nintendo switch. 

  • Bluetooth Adapter types

There are main primary differences that make a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth different from other generic Bluetooth adapters. Those differences are the form factor, the input, and the firmware. The input is the main thing that matters as not all the Bluetooth adapters accept Type-C connection to start. Firmware is another consideration because most of the Bluetooth adapters are designed mainly for connectivity and not for audio. The next one is the right form factor, no doubt, there are larger USB adapters available for PCs and laptops, but they are too immense for Nintendo Switch controller. Dedicated Nintendo Switch controllers are primarily designed to be dense and tight for the bottom of the controller. 

  • Setting Expectations

It would help if you clarified in your mind about what quality sound you should get before buying a USB Bluetooth adapter. Nintendo switch is limited as it doesn’t support 7.1-channel simulated sound. This means that the famous “7.1-channel” headsets are not going to provide you with actual sound. The only thing left is that you are using the headsets that provide built-in simulated enclose sound. You need to set your expectations before you start judging the audio quality of headphones.

  • Rayvol Bluetooth adapter

The best thing about Rayvol Bluetooth is it has a unique and charming design. It is designed in a way to look like a controller having a gray and black pattern. Retro gamers would love the design and look of this adapter. It has a dual-channel operation, which means you and your friends can connect their headphones together. Sometimes, it might get confusing as there are no LED indicators that can make you confuse. Also, it doesn’t have a built-in microphone, which is somewhat disappointing. It limits the options for players. 

  • HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch 

This Bluetooth Transmitter is small that can help to connect to Switch’s USB type-C. Also, it packs a good amount of information into a small display. There are LED indicators, 9 different colors, and a dual-channel. This Bluetooth transmitter has a great impact on social gaming as it is designed in a way to play together with your friends. The best thing about this transmitter is that it has a built-in mic. The one negative thing is that it doesn’t connect through Switch casings, but most people won’t even notice this limitation.

  • ZIOCOM Bluetooth adapter 

The popular ZIOCOM Bluetooth adapter has a red tri-ton, a black and blue design that matches with the coloring of the Switch. Connectivity is quite easy as it is designed to support dual-audio channels, which means you can play with your friends and each one having their own private channel. It doesn’t have a built-in mic but supports two-way audio. It has the latest 5.0 technology and has a USB Type-A to Type-C adapter that allows you to use microphones when the Switch is on charging.

The final verdict

Choosing a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter can be quite challenging as they all are quite similar. They support dual-channel connections, use the same codecs, and have different varieties of colors. But there are some key considerations that can help us to decide. As mentioned above, the Ravyol adapter, HomeSpot adapter, and the ZIOCOM adapter have some positive and negative sides. Ravyol adapter has a good design but doesn’t offer any such functions. The HomeSpot adapter is a top choice because of its display and layout of controls. On top of all, it has a built-in microphone which is most wanted. At last, the ZIOCOM adapter which is the top choice for some people if the Switch has a protective case. It has a convenient display and is one of the adapters that have a great market.