Turn Minecraft into an Immense RPG – learn about the Minecraft

Minecraft’s open-ended style of gameplay is awesome, but sometimes all you want is a quest and a little guidance. Well, not that much guidance – we don’t need another Navi spouting “Hey, listen!” every five seconds. But if you’re looking for direction in your adventuring, or maybe you just like Zelda, then you should really give this mod a look-see.

There aren’t many addons out there like the Zelda Sword Skills Mod. I have only the highest praise for this mod – it’s massively detailed and is only growing with time. Its creator, coolAlias, is obviously very passionate about the Zelda universe, and his recreation of it in the Minecraft world is a shining achievement. The achievement of the goals in Minecraft is possible with the mojang account at the platform. The style of the gameplay is great to have the benefits. The items are the best one with the recreation of the account. The highest praise is available to the people.

This mod strives to incorporate the combat, items, enemies, and adventurous feel of the Zelda games into the Minecraft world – quite a daunting task, but expertly handled by coolAlias. The content for this mod is so extensive that its creator took down the official wiki site, instead favoring a PDF for its size and presentability. Luckily for you, I’m here to unpack the bountiful inclusions of this mod, so you don’t even have to crack that PDF.

This mod does a few things for the Minecraft combat system, all of them awesome. First off, it adds an enemy targeting system that you can toggle on and off with ‘x’. It’s nothing huge, but is a surprising quality of life adjustment.

More interesting than the targeting system is this mod’s eponymous slew of sword skills, all of them finding root in one Zelda game or another. You don’t start out with all the skills, either- you must hunt down mobs and collect Skill Orbs from them in order to obtain and improve skills. This adds a decidedly RPG-feel to the mod, which I enjoy greatly.

That’s not even all of them, though, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new Skill Orbs.

Games in the Zelda series are known for their array of unique weapons and items, and this mod strives to include the most iconic ones. Using a Boomerang to retrieve an otherwise unattainable item or activating a button with a well-aimed slingshot will have you reliving your Nintendo days.

Some of the items included are:

  • Weapons
  • Hero’s Bow: comes with Bomb, Fire, Ice, and Light arrows
  • Armor
  • gold and silver gauntlets will give you the strength to move heavy blocks
  • Utilities
  • Boomerang: grab items and damage enemies with this classic tool
  • Hookshot: traverse chasms or rappel down sheer cliffs – much like Indiana Jones’s multitool whip, this will help you in too many situations to count
  • Orcarina: use to play music and solve secrets
  • Skill Orbs: allow you to learn and upgrade sword skills
  • Magic Mirror: takes you back to daylight if you’ve lost your way underground

Yeah, like I said, this game adds a ton of content. Even more than the items and combat upgrades. It adds new mobs, both enemy and friendly, new ores, and even modifies the world to better replicate the Hyrulean experience. Whether you like Zelda or not, this mod adds enough content to sate any miner out there – I’d recommend it to anyone.