Types Of Drug Testing

There are many types of drug tests such as the Hair Follicle drug test. Some of these are pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-incident drug testing, and diagnostic screening.

Each type of drug test has a particular cause and purpose. For instance, random drug testing is being conducted in many public departments such as corporations, military, prisons, rehab centers, fire departments, and even schools are conducting random drug testing. Similarly, post-incident drug testing is conducted on hair, saliva, urine, blood, and spray (sweat) drug testing.

When an observation is made here, each type of drug test has a purpose and it has to be worked in that manner and it cannot be violated. Individuals have to cooperate in taking the drug test and also wait for the results and reports.

If one is innocent, naturally the result will be negative but if one is truly under the influence of intoxication or under any drug abuse, the lab report will indicate that fact and the next step of action is considered either by the court or public governing agencies.

Going by the above facts, it must be clearly stated that, drug testing is a very legal procedure that work with the combination of science and technology in order to bring out the facts of crime or legality of occurrence of events under the enactment of the Drug-Free workplace Act 1988. Truly this is very useful and very important for the benefit of the people.

The point of emphasis is that the types of drug tests are endorsed by various government agencies which will give judgments and punishments based on the reports issued by laboratories and these are very important. Therefore, from the point of view of the common man, it can be stated here that people have to cooperate with each other in safeguarding the laws and also to protect themselves against serious implications given by the courts.

Above all, one must always bear in mind, that compliance with laws and not committing any serious mistakes will always save the individuals from regular visits to courts and to laboratories for drug testing. One must always learn and be willing to listen to the voice of being a lawful citizen and must try to abide by the terms of law published in several publications. In this way, we will be protecting ourselves and also will be lessening the job of courts and will be enhancing the law and order discipline within our states and these are according to the federal laws.