Understanding Male Pattern Baldness: The Causes and the Available Treatments Today

For millions of men today, you have to face the fact that you will probably go bald later on. However, before you start panicking, you need to remember that hair loss is normal. In fact, you lose hundreds or even thousands of hair each day. The lost hair will gradually be replaced by new hair in your younger years. However, when you get older, the hair follicles will stop producing or growing hair which can result in developing bald areas. This type of balding is called male pattern baldness.

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When you are around the age of 20 and 45, you will normally experience the onset of male pattern baldness. As the name suggests, there is a specific pattern of hair loss. Balding will usually have a pattern where it will usually start around the temples and the crown of your head. The thinning can take years and you will never really notice it happening.

Mainly, the reason for this condition to happen is your genes. If your father and your grandfather experienced this kind of condition, then there is a great chance that you too will experience male pattern baldness.

To elaborate more on the cause of this condition, you have to remember that the hormone in your body which is called testosterone is mainly responsible for balding. As you reach the age of puberty, the testosterone levels in your body will significantly increase. Then as you age, the testosterone is converted to another hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

DHT plays a very important role in balding as this chemical is mainly responsible for stopping or slowing down the production of the hair follicles to grow new hair. This will result in weak, shorter hair or in some cases it can even mean stopping the hair growth completely and permanently.

Recent studies have found that DHT can be inhibited. Because of this, you will see that there are now available hair loss treatment products that can eventually stop or even reverse male pattern baldness. Also, research have found that there are also herbs that can significantly inhibit DHT which means that you will be giving your hair follicles a chance to develop new hair that is stronger, thicker and longer.

Preventing hair loss in this type of condition is virtually impossible. It is inevitable that you will experience hair loss especially if it is in your genes to lose hair. However, by taking DHT inhibitors, you will see that you will be able to slow down the process of hair loss caused by MPB. With these supplements, you will be able to have thicker and healthier hair for a very long time.

Another way to treat this hair loss condition is through hair transplants. In this process, the doctor or the surgeon will take hair from the part of your scalp where the hair is still thick and is still growing. After taking the hair along with the follicles, they will then plant the hair in the thinning areas of your head. This will provide you with new hair growth for many more years. However, you need to remember that proper care is important in order for you to keep your hair thick after a hair transplant treatment.

As you can see, thanks to modern medical research and modern technology, male pattern baldness can be prevented or at least slowed down. With the different supplements and treatments available today, you will be able to prevent hair loss.