Vacuum Cleaner- Keep Your Floors Neat and Clean

There are many aspects of an argument depending on the way you want to look at it from another perspective or a different angle as we have been seeing whenever a discussion pops up, there are two different sides and both are equally strong.

People that lose out on the argument either try to wriggle out of it or simply take up the typical offence is the best defense root and divert the subject to a whole new topic which only shows their shallowness.

There was a time when we were taught during our childhood that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ where if you were neat and tidy, then you were worthy to be part of a civilized society with polished mannerisms and etiquettes in behavior.


Now the times have changed as cleanliness and hygiene have taken a backseat as the younger generation are fond of throwing trash around and simply enjoy the sight of mess and much which is why they don’t like cleaning their rooms.

It is for the elders to keep the house clean while their kids would loiter and litter at every given opportunity for the sake of it and cleanliness is something they have become allergic to.

This is the reason why most houses have a vacuum cleaner as it helps in getting rid of the dirt and mess from every nook and corner leaving no place for anything to fester upon to give rise to diseases.

Vacuum cleaners are electronic devices that are used to clear of dust and debris from the floor, curtains, sofa, TV, Fridge and other household appliances so as to give it a shiny and polished look.

You can call it as an extended counterpart of the broom, which has now become obsolete and out of synchronization with times as this is the modern age of the 21st century where everything has gone digital.

When you can have digital thermometers then digital vacuum cleaners are surely around the corner given the speed at which technology is unfolding its wings and that’s saying something.


Nowadays, people are quite wary of cleanliness and hygiene as mentioned above so let us look at some important tips on how to use vacuum cleaners for cleaning floors so as to get an idea.

  • While beginners would find cleaning an arduous task, it isn’t that way at all and you shouldn’t have the preconceived notion that it is harder by making it appear so like removing your shoes outside the house before entering as they are bound to be dirty and would take much more time to clean up.
  • Whenever you see dust, debris or hair on the floor, don’t just finish after a simple swish and try out that particular area a number of times so that every trace of dirt is gone and make sure to use hepa Vacuums in this case.
  • Always work on a pre planned schedule so that it would be easy to mark different things and work is finished at the earliest.