Vending Machine Mod For Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4

Vending Machine Mod It is amazing version for current Minecraft! You can download and install this here! which will allow you to press the soft drinks and chewing gum! Hope you enjoy.

Of course, that every human being requires water to survive. And it is very important to first. Because our bodies should not be regulated. However, in the present You will find many drinks you can buy them from a store. You can drink mineral water, soft drinks, juices, etc.., but it would be nice when you can purchase with your own. Let me introduce you to the vending machine mod automatically. All you need is a coin into the machine. You can get soft drinks , such as Coke , Pepsi, 7-up and more. this is a creative and wonderful ideas which came from real life in our world. I am sure you will love this work “Vending Machine Mod“. This is a wonderful concept and packed full of great ideas.

Vending Machine Mod It has been designed and developed in the latest version of Minecraft, and it has developed a vending machine on the second machine, you can perform trading process is simple. If Minecraft alts shop provide you some great items, this machine does the same thing. All you need is a coin into the machine you want. If you like soft drinks ( Please look at the picture ), you can drop coins into a big white vending machine, which you can get soft drinks you want. If you would like gum or candy All you need is a coin into the vending machine automatically. You can get candy or gum that you need.

Also, you can preview the craft, which will teach the creation of money to be used for automatic vending machines. View more information, images and video. If you’re ready to get started, download and install the “Vending Machine Mod” you can download it from here. Just look for the link at the bottom of the article.

This is an excellent design which will allow you to press the soft drinks and chewing gum from the vending machine automatically. However, you will find that there are 2 types of vending machines for drinks and snacks.