VPN Is Not Working – Look Out For Seven Tips To Troubleshoot The Problem

If you’ve ever had a new VPN subscription and been faced with a error. Don’t you worry, as today you will learn the most common reasons your VPN has stopped working and how to fix each of these issues in just a few simple steps? 

Maybe you can’t connect to the server from which you’re supposed to be accessing your data, so you’re getting error messages? If this sounds familiar, then read on. Here are seven different tips that might help things go smoothly.

  • Clear Your Browser History & Temporary Files 

A couple of things can usually be done about each of these to see if they help out. First, try clearing your browser history and temporary files. If this still doesn’t work, make sure you’re logged in to your account. If you happen to have multiple browsers, try using a different one; Chrome will sometimes be slightly better than Firefox or Safari at this, but varying results might be due to other factors too.  

  • Check Your Internet Connection Settings

Another reason your VPN might not be working is the internet issue. Check your computer’s network settings to ensure nothing obstructs your internet connection and can be fixed by restarting your device. 

  • Try Logging Out Of All Other Apps & Update Your VPN Software 

Try logging out of all other apps running on your device and restarting it. If this doesn’t work, try updating the software for your VPN service; sometimes, their servers will be down temporarily, or you’re just trying to connect to a place that doesn’t exist anymore. 

  • Open Up The VPN App & Check That Your VPN Is Working

There can be several issues with your VPN, which is why you are suffering from errors. So you should check the port and if your VPN allows it or not. You can also try to update the browser to eliminate the issue. 

  • Reset Your Router 

The problem can be in your router where it does not compatible with the VPN passthrough. So you should check your firewall setting for your home network. If it has an issue regarding connection, you should change the administration setting to reset the router. 

  • Check Your Location And Tunneling Process.

Setup your VPN using the setting present in the VPN app. Once connected to the app, check to see if you are connected to the selected countries. If not, try changing the country. You could also try changing the VOIPs. You can try any on the VOIP setting such as OpenVPN, L2TP, etc., given in your device.  

  • Check That You’re Connecting To The Correct Server

One last thing you can try is to move from one server to another, as some servers might be down temporarily or just not well-suited for connecting at that moment. And finally, make sure you’re connecting from the correct server by checking the VPN service’s website; sometimes, the service will list multiple servers with the same name.

I like this Surfshark VPN review and if  you If still are having issues with VPN service, then it’s time to contact your VPN service provider to have them diagnose it.