What are Vaping Vampettes?

Do you love going to bars? Are you an attractive, outgoing woman between the ages of 21 an 35? Are you super outgoing? Do you want to make some extra ka-ching?

You could be a Vaping Vampette!

We offer generous commissions* when you help us sell a Vaping Vamps e-cigarette starter kit. You could make a nice little income, for hanging out and vaping in bars!

*Please note: this is NOT a multi-level marketing program. You are not expected to get others signed up. You simply get paid when customers buy a Vaping Vamps e-cigarette starter kit.

  1. You come to our Vaping Vampette casting call in Minneapolis on Thurs., May 30. Dress in black and purple (Vaping Vamps colors). Come prepared to answer common questions about e-cigarettes (see below). We’ll give you a free e-cigarette starter kit (you can purchase refill cartomizers at your discounted rate) and a stack of Vaping Vamps business cards. We’ll choose a secret code just for you.
  2. You get to choose your own Vaping Vampette name, starting with the letter ‘V.’ Here are a few ideas to get you started: Valerie, Valora, Vanna, Velma, Velvet, Venus, Verna, Veronica, Vicki, Vivien. Make up your own V name! The only one you can’t choose is Vita. Or you can choose one of the Vaping Vamps’ flavor names: Caramella, Caroline, Mint Julie, Mango Lola or Tia Berry.
  3. You go to local hot spots, dressed in Vaping Vamps’ style (we’ll give you some style guidelines). You vape inside vape-friendly bars, and hand out cards with your hand-written code on it. The vampier and more outgoing you are, the better!
  4. They Win! Your new “bar friends” will get a 20% discount on any e-cigarette starter kit with your special code.
  5. You Win! You get a 25% commission on the sale of any e-cigarette starter kit – around $12 for every Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit, and around $7 for every Try Me Kit you sell (we track your sales by your unique coupon code). We send you a commission check every month.

Yes! Over a million people have used e-cigarettes. They are approved by the FDA. No study has found anything e-cigarettes at levels that could possibly be toxic.

The main ingredient in e-cigarettes is propylene glycol, the same stuff that’s in asthma inhalers to produce the vapor.

I’ve heard there are (metal nanoparticles, antifreeze, etc.) in them.

There are lots of untrue rumors about this product, and I’m no expert. But I do know there is a lot of great information on e-cigarette safety on both the Vaping Vamps website and many other places, such as Helping Addicted Smokers on Facebook.

Can you quit smoking with e-cigarettes?

We can’t make that promise, but lots of people have switched from smoking to vaping – which is much better – and they did it without gaining any weight. In fact, some people told us they LOST weight!

No! With this coupon, you can get a Try Me Kit for under $28! This is not a cheap disposable battery; it’s a high-quality rechargeable battery that will last for months. Plus, you get two cartomizers equal to almost a pack of cigarettes.

How long will it last? How much are refills?

The battery will last for several months, and each cartomizer will last for an evening or two of vaping (around 5-8 cigarettes). A pack of five refill cartomizers (equal to over 2 packs) costs as little as $9. Vaping is cheaper than smoking in the long run!

How much is your discount?

With my special discount, you get 20% off! The Deluxe Kit retails for $59.95 and with this discount you can get it for under $48. The Try Me Kit retails for $34.95 and with the discount, it will come to under $28. Shipping is free!

What’s the difference between this brand and other brands?

safest cbd vape pens pass through different lab tests. This verify their efficiency and if they are safe to use by the customers or not. There are many lab testing factors used to judge the same. 

Vaping Vamps is the only e-cigarette brand created for women, by women. It’s also owned locally here in Minneapolis. They sell the best high-quality battery at prices that are better than you can find from Blu Cigs and other big companies.