What Does The Research Say About Treating The Dogs With Cbd?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a naturally occurring active compound in the cannabis plant. It is misunderstood as THC, but it doesn’t provide psychoactive effects and won’t make you high, unlike THC. Much research has been done on CBD, and subjective evidence has found that CBD helps treat anxiety, cancer, arthritis, and pain. 

Not only in humans, but it always shows proven results in dogs. Numerous CBD pet products are available in the market that treats the health conditions of dogs. It has proven results, but there are no CDB products approved by the FDA for the use of CBD in animals. In this article, we will gain knowledge of the benefits that CBD can provide to dogs and learn more about what veterinarians think about CBD.

Uses of CBD in dogs

Research and studies have been carried out a link between CBD and humans, which has shown that it helps treat irritable bowel disease (IBD), anxiety, epilepsy, and chronic pain. There are no specific studies does on the effects of CBD in dogs. A study has been done in 2018 that shows it has anti-inflammatory properties, safety, and anti-pain properties, which are better for dogs with osteoarthritis. Different types of CBD dog treats are available for dogs in the market that can be provided along with food. 

Veterinary has claimed that nearly 80% of dogs have shown improvement in their mobility and pain after having CBD. Further, in 2019, a study published shows the results of those epileptic dogs that are given CBD and seizure medication. They have fewer seizures, while dogs who receive a placebo and seizure medication have not shown good results. 

Studies also show that both the placebo group and CBD group are helpful in treating seizures, and results show the seizures are decreased. Further testing is to be done to reach to any conclusion. 

What does the latest research say about CBD?

Many clinical tests have been conducted in several dogs to administer CBD. Three ways have been tested to oversee CBD, which are microencapsulated oil beads, CBD-infused transdermal cream, and CBD-infused oil. The tests get onto a conclusion which states that CBD-infused oil is absorbed by the mucus membrane of the mouth of dogs and is considered as the most effective way to ingest CBD in pets. 

A clinical trial also shows the CBD plays a great role in improving the arthritic pain and increased activity in dogs. Many other studies have also been done while claims the same. CBD is also effective in treating epilepsy and shows favorable results in both humans and dogs. It has been found through a clinical trial that CBD oil reduces the occurrence of seizures in epileptic dogs to nearly 89 percent. 

Some researches are going on using CBD oil to reduce the pain and side effects of chemotherapy treatment in dogs. Examining is also being done on whether the CBD oil has an effect on blood concentrations after using chemotherapy drugs or not.