What If Each Relationship Had Its Own Reality

Recently, I have been looking at how each relationship has its own reality and how we often take parts and pieces of one relationship and try to apply them to a totally different relationship. Does it really allow us to be present with each child, each person, each experience? What if each relationship had its own reality? What if relationships were something that you generated, so that each one is unto itself?

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It’s about being present with you in relationship.

What if there was no purpose to relationship? What if each relationship had its own life?

How often do we put them all together and when we go into a new relationship, bring all of the expectations, and everything else we bought into from the past as if it were all relevant for this new relationship?

And then we function from all of those expectations in the present and expect something else to happen other than being present with the person in front of us, because we have glommed it all together.

Does that fit into what you have been taught a relationship is?

One of the differences of Access™ is it’s a way of generating more in your life. More space, more breadth, more of you showing up, more possibilities. It’s about being all that you can be in that moment. Choosing.

So when I ask about Relationships, it’s about being present in each moment.

In each time, what would it be like to be present with every relationship you are in? Each moment, ten seconds at a time. Is that a possibility? Would you be willing to be that aware?

What if we didn’t bother to check in on our past experiences?

Would that allow us to have the breadth of that relationship right then and there?

Would that allow us to ask a question, or choose again? Or we could say “no thanks, this doesn’t work for me, I think I will try something else and let it be.”? You could ask ” What would it be like to not reference the past for me?” Would that give you more place and space to be with somebody else? To have a relationship with somebody else? You can always make another choice. I uncreate and destroy my relationship with my husband every night. How many times have you asked ” How did I create this mess?”

Can you energetically uncreate and destroy your relationships every night?

If you take everything your relationship was yesterday and uncreate and destroy it, you would have a new relationship every morning. From there it gives you the ability to create something new every day. I do that with my children. When I uncreate and destroy my relationships with them we get to start fresh.

For instance, I have a 40 year old son who works on a ship for 4 months alternating with six weeks shore leave. I uncreate and destroy my relationship with him every night so when he walks in the door I receive the man he is. I don’t receive the problems that he was, the arguments that were started, or the situation he is having with his sister. What I do is I receive this man who walks in the door and in that awareness I can perceive everything that is going on with him because I am present, there is no judgement there.

So when I asked you originally what would it be like if each Relationship had its own reality, my relationship with my son , has its own reality. During the time that I am with him, anything in the past is just a story. It might be a good story, might be a bad story. It doesn’t matter and it has nothing to do with who he is and how he has changed and shifted since I have or haven’t seen him and it has nothing to do with who I am.