Which Features Would You Like To See Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hey guys! So far this week it has been pretty quiet in terms of news, so I thought we could have a conversion about the features we would all like to see in Minecraft Pocket Edition! The great thing about Minecraft is that there is always a possibility for any kinds of features to be added – we could see crazy new creatures, new tools, machines, and pretty much anything the developers could imagine!

There are still lots and lots of features that are already in the PC and console versions of Minecraft that may get into the game, and also plenty of features that could be created that aren’t in any version of Minecraft yet. What I’d like to ask is – what one existing Minecraft feature would you like to see the most in Minecraft Pocket Edition? And secondly, what feature would you like to see created from scratch for Minecraft Pocket Edition? However, if you know already know about superalts then you can easily modify a lot of things in your game accordingly. 

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments section below! First, though, I’m going to answer these questions with my own opinions.

The One Existing Feature I’d Like to See the Most in Minecraft Pocket Edition.


I absolutely love horses on Minecraft PC! As soon as I get a horse, I go everywhere with it! Horses can help me to travel great distances faster, and certain types of horses like donkeys and mules can even carry items for me!

The One Feature I’d Like to See Created From Scratch for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Better Boats

Let’s face it, the boats in the game at the moment aren’t exactly that great – they are hard to control, and they really don’t even look that much like boats at all. The biggest difficulty when exploring Minecraft is crossing huge areas of water! It would be amazing if we could build our own ships and then set sail in any direction we see fit.