Which Foods Cause Eczema And What Can You Do About It

Eczema can be very embarrassing if you have it on a visible part of your body. And, if you’ve had the condition for a while, you are no doubt familiar with intense itchiness that it causes. But giving in to that temptation and scratching vigorously is the most horrible thing that you can do. Scratching energetically could cause infections and develop into a far more significant condition.

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Did you know that your diet can play a part in eczema outbreaks. It’s true. Many physicians feel that some forms of eczema is caused by food. But which foods cause eczema? And are there test to determine what foods you are sensitive to? Yes, there are tests to determine which foods cause eczema, but these tests take time.

And because of that reason, few doctors will do the mandatory tests to figure out the cause of your eczema. But in several cases, eczema can be caused by the food you eat. Because each individual is different, it is possible that almost any food could cause a reaction in any given individual, but the most common perpetrators are : eggs ( and products containing eggs ), milk, butter, cheese, cream cheese, nuts of any type, seafood, anything containing wheat, acidic fruit ( blueberries, canned or glazed fruits, cranberries, currants ). Preservatives and artificial food colorings can also bring on an outbreak.

So, if you think {that your eczema is related to food, what can you do? In order to establish if a specific food is the cause of your eczema problem, you want to go on an elimination diet. To do out this kind of test, you will need to keep a food diary. An elimination diet first removes the suspect food or food chemical, from your diet. After a period, you should reintroduce it into your diet. If there had been an improvement during the elimination, and, on reintroducing the food, your eczema returns, that food is the reason for your eczema. And in that case, that particular food isn’t safe for you to eat. If, after a there is no reaction to the food after reintroducing it, then the food is safe for you to eat. Before starting on any type of food testing it is recommended that you first debate this with your physician and ask for their supervision.

Many dermatologists suggest lotions and creams containing steroidal compounds and other nasty drugs. But you will not wish to use a few of these potentially dangerous drugs. Many mavens feel that natural cures are a wiser choice. Natural treatments work better, and have none of the numerous side effects of conventional medicines. Typical medicines and topical treatments only treat the indicators of the disease. They don’t address the elemental cause. They only provide short term relief. Additionally, most standard medicines containing steroids may not be safe to use on a long term basis.

There are many physicians in the health care field that believe eczema is curable by using natural treatments. They believe that these natural cures detoxify your body and reconstruct your immune system. These treatments can get rid of eczema quickly and may result in an abiding cure. One of the most effective natural treatments for eczema can start to cure the sickness in just 2 days. Get all of the information on my safe natural system at Severe Eczema Cure!