Which One Is Better For Weight Loss Cardio Or Strength Training Lets Find Out

Losing weight is the foremost problem of the majority of people around the globe. However, with true guidance of right exercise, losing weight could be made very effective and efficient. Burning calories is the main art that we have to learn. More the calories you burn more the weight you lose.

As experts say – 3500 calories make one pound, for that you have to be very selective in your choice for the right exercise which maximizes and speeds up your results. Read this article to find out which kinds of exercise and type of workout might be best suited for your weight loss journey.

Cardio Workout

It has been claimed by many researchers that cardio exercises are the most efficient exercises to cater to the problem of fat loss. Research also mentions that cardio workouts burn most calories by increasing the heart rate. Due to the increased heart rate, more and more blood flow throughout the body, especially the big muscles, thereby burning more calories which leads to loss of body fat. Studies have shown that, if you assign three groups: a weightlifting one, a cardio one, and a third one that is doing both cardio and weightlifting, they found that the group that was assigned for just cardio training and the third group that accounted for both cardio plus weightlifting lost an equal amount of weight/calories.

Rest, pause training

For burning some serious calories, the second type of training is called interval training. This training helps to pump up cardio to the fullest of one’s ability and instantly slowing down, just near to rest, but not rest itself. This helps the body to go into a favorable shock that triggers a greater heat rate and excessive blood flow, helping in burning more fat and calories. The way these method works is very simple. Start on a treadmill, run on the treadmill for 1minutes, adjusting it at a fast pace, then decrease it down to jogging speed for 2 minutes and then increase it back to running pace for the 3rd minute. Carry on with this routine for 20 minutes and it would lead you to better results than just consistently running at the same pace for 20 minutes.

You could also do interval training on any other cardio machine. You could even take out your bicycle from your garage and let it not rust with whatever is left of it.

Gaining Muscles

Strength training refers to one’s ability to work out with weights present in the gym. Even though many of our lads try to start with body-weight training such as push-ups or pull-ups, but remember they would not help you to gain muscle size fast. For that, you have to pay attention to your weight training routine. It should also be noted that bigger muscles tend to lose more calories and burn more fat as bigger muscles require more blood for their function thus increasing the metabolic rate of the entire body. Everyone tends to lose muscle mass as they grow older, this gradually slows down the metabolic rate and eventually leads to burning fewer calories.

Fat burning foods

We all know that exercise is very important to keep up our metabolic rate but what about those people who spend hours and hours doing workouts in the gym and still cannot lose that one last inch of fat on their belly which is ready to be pinched. It is important to know that right food, healthy eating and clean eating (all are same) is the key component to weight loss.

Eating food that increases your metabolism will help you burn more calories. If you are burning 1000 calories a day just by exercise, the right food will complement it by burning 200 more of those calories. It’s better to focus on eating lean. Green vegetables, salad, whole-grain bread, egg-whites, they all are great foods to have, leaving your stomach with no space for all other unhealthy high calories.

Still healthily losing weight is extremely important therefore one must make a workout plan which is the combination above all. However, the one that is most effective for you can include more in your plan.